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The University of Texas at Austin Coalition for Careers in Public Service (CCIPS) invites you to meet with a variety of nonprofit and government employers and find out more about their available opportunities. The fair will be open to anyone interested in a career with a non-profit or public service organization, including both students and alumni of The University of Texas at Austin and residents of Central Texas.

Registration for Career Seekers is not required. Please check-in at the fair!

Event Details:

Tips for Career Seekers:

  1. Know your goal for attending and design your entire effort around that aim. For example, are you looking for a job, internship or volunteer position? Exploring various career opportunities and typical steps to success for those fields? Investigating specific organizations so you can learn more about what they do? Practicing networking skills for future career fairs?
  2. Review the list of organizations attending and the types of opportunities they have available. Meet with those organizations first.
  3. Take the initiative to approach the representative(s). Smile, make eye contact, and shake hands firmly and confidently. Introduce yourself with your full name, major, and graduation date. Remember your body language: don't fidget or look around. Act interested, focused, and enthusiastic. Be friendly, assertive, mature, and sincere.
    Do not bring drinks or chew gum. LISTEN to what the representative has to say. Don't ramble. Provide a concise, well-prepared overall view of what you have to offer or what information you seek.
  4. Ask questions to gain information about the opportunities that exist with each organization. For example:
    • What would I do as an intern or volunteer?
    • How often do you have freelance or job opportunities available?
    • What are the main skills or characteristics you usually look for in an intern, volunteer, or employee?
    • What is the best way to apply for a position with your organization?
    • How did you get into the organization/career field?
    • Could I set up a time to visit you at your workplace to talk more about what you do? May I contact you if I need more information
    • Could you look at my resume and tell me what you like about it, and what you would suggest that I change?
  5. Always thank the employer for talking to you, and give them a copy of your resume.