Learning Modules - format can integrate mini teaches (video/content notes) among questions, presented in one slide at a time format. Also the format for online testing (ie only one submission accepted, no feedback immediately offered) and the only format that offers an optional timer within a larger accessibility window (ie a 30 minute quiz taken within a 2 hour window) and offers start time variances.

Web - all questions displayed together in pdf format; the most common for homeworks. Settings could be set (but are not the default) to invite just one answer choice. Immediate feedback (right/wrong) is provided.

Manually Imported - essay and student file uploads using other material (ie instapoll, other homework or problem sources, discussion section participation, attendance) you want your eyes on

Less likely to be used during all full distance-learning semesters:

Bubble (UT only) - when on campus a standard for in-person exams involving multiple choice tests. (Quest has a scantron scanner in PMA 15.320G)

Classroom Response Systems (importing data into Quest) -small intervals of open learning modules can also serve the same function (ie take this assignment, open for 3 minutes).