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Help Awaits

At any point you can email with questions or concerns regarding technical difficulties using the system.

Algebraic free response questions allow your instructor to ask a question that expects an algebraic expression as an answer. Unlike a short answer question these questions don't require your submission to exactly match the answer in the system, but rather your answer has to be mathematically equivalent to the correct answer on record (eg. X+1 is the same thing as 1+X). These questions are also not case sensitive.

If there is an algebra pallet, shown below, use it for exactness.  If you do not see the pallet, plan on entering an actual number calculated out or simple expression (ex: 3x-5).

Pro-tip: remember not to include an =, just the expression. Also, recall PEMDAS!

Your answer must be exact, e.g. π is not the same as 3.14 and 0.3 is not the same as 1/3.

The buttons in blue will appear when you click the answer box, and is meant to help format your response appropriately. When entering any type of function make sure the argument of the function is surrounded by parenthesis. The following is a list of the expected format for the most commonly used functions.

∞ - inf

e - e

π - pi

sin - sin( )

cos - cos( )

tan - tan( )

csc - csc( )

sec - sec( )

cot - cot( )

ln - ln( )

| | - abs( )

√ - sqrt( )

exponent - ( )^( )

fraction - ( )/( )

Another use for this type of question is to ask for an interval or list response. The behavior is the same as the equation response type, but keep in mind that your answer should be in exact form, using fractions and symbols where appropriate.