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The exam dashboard is your one stop monitoring tool when students are testing. From here you can see what percentage of your class is in progress, who hasn't started, how much time each student has left (if the optional timer box is checked), if your ADA students have extra time applied, see webcam footage (if applicable), add time during a test to an individual or group of students, and so much more!

1) To view the class metrics as a whole, navigate to 'exam dashboard' on the left side bar. Notice: the assignment must be in test mode in order for this to be seen; in order for webcam footage to be seen 'enable webcam' must also be checked

Sometimes the optional time element (ie offering students 30 minutes within a 2 hour start/due date window) does not transfer. If that's the case you won't see the add time and time remaining columns below. To correct this navigate to the specific exam and make sure that the time assignment box is checked and the time limit (in minutes) has a non zero value in it:

2) The exam dashboard offers a one stop centralized place to monitor students as they are taking their exam. A few of the features include:

  • the ability to add time to all students uniformly
  • monitoring students status (not started, in progress, completed, timed out)
  • adding time individually to students who may be experiencing technical problems (while the test is active–after it has closed please navigate to answer key to reset timer)
  • view student's webcam footage
  • confirmation of the ADA time multiplier for SSD students

Please note that time can only be added here while the test is still active. If you will see time remaining 00:00 and try to add time, nothing will happen–in such cases please navigate to answer key to reset timer. 

If you have any questions or concerns about what something or what the limits of the functionality here is please do reach out--

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