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There are a number of ways your instructor can set up their class and gradebook in Quest. The most contentious of them involves accruing negative points on questions with wrong answers.

Many instructors prefer this method of grading to dissuade students from answering a question by guessing. However, we realize how frustrating it can be to be honestly working through a problem and find that each time you re-try a question a negative score builds up. In these cases, we highly recommend attending office hours, or seeking a study group to help check each other's work, in order to give each attempt the best possible chance of being correct.


For example: A multiple choice question worth 10 points has 5 options, you will have 4 attempts to get the correct answer with the following possible grade outcomes based on the selected penalization method:

AttemptNo Negative PointsNegative Points
Never correct0-10

We recommend instructors notify students when using this style of grading scheme, but it is ultimately your instructor's decision. As always, please contact us if you have concerns at