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A learning module allows you to create a learning experience for students with assessment questions interspersed. You can use either content slides, which have no questions, or question slides.



  • "Slide navigation" controls when a student is able to move to the next slide. The default "normal" option allows students to move freely between slides.
  • "Must attempt question" forces the students to attempt a question before viewing the next, and "must complete question" means they must get the question correct or exhaust all of their attempts.
  • "Tags" allow you to add keywords to help search for the learning module to copy it later if you choose to share it.
  • "Test mode" prevents solutions from ever showing and hides the immediate feedback for students until you choose to display their grades to them. If you select test mode notice the "Solutions Available" box becomes the "Grades Viewable" box instead.
  • "Learning module overview" allows you to give students any additional instructions on the title slide of the module.

p l a c e h o l d e r




Creating a new learning module will take you to a page like this, where you can start to add slides to the module:




Learning modules have two types of slides:

Content slides which allow you to embed videos, images or text. For more information, please click here.

Question slides which allow you to ask students any question out of the Quest database inside of the learning module. For more information, please click here.



After selecting slides to include, you can rearrange the order by drag-and-drop: