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Each course page provides certain tools to help you access your assignments as well as communicate with your instructor.



The items in the left-hand menu provide ways to navigate to other assignments in any of your active courses, as well as links to:

  • Course Resources: the syllabus or extra text provided by the instructor
  • Contact Instructor: allows you to send an email to your instructor's provided email address
  • Grade Summary: an organized summary of your assignments based on the grading scheme set my your instructor
  • Grades by Subject Area: a breakdown of topics to help guide study, as well as create a Custom Review

To access your assignments simply click on the name of the assignment when it is available. Some items will appear without the ability to click, this is due to the your instructors ability to make an assignment prior to making it accessible to you.


Here are some helpful links regarding Quest assignments:


Completing a Web Assignment

Completing a Learning Module

Using Clickers (UT Austin Only)

Creating a Custom Review

Answering Questions in Quest