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Quest can apply time extension overlays (1.5x, 2x) per student accommodations. Please send in UT eids to Extra time will be applied to learning modules that have the optional timed element checked with a non-zero number entered.

Just because that extra time is applied, students may still be booted off prematurely if they do not have a late submit to use the time post the stated due date. The rest of this page aims to clarify the many different ways time elements may tangle together and be used concurrently.

There are two ways students can get booted off of/not have access to an assignment:
1) the due date has passed
2) their timer has expired

late submits
what it does: individually pushes back the due date for students; prolongs student access to an assignment after the posted due date for the class
what it does not do: (if a timed assignment) inherently add time to one's timer clock
notes: frequently used in conjunction with SSD extra time so students can have access to to their assignment for the extra time. Also used on un-timed tests to set a later due date for individual students.

who controls this setting?: Instructors/TAs

extra time (SSD, 1.5x, 2x)
what it does: for assignments that use the optional timer feature, it multiplies the amount of time given to all students by their extra time factor (1.5 or 2 most commonly). This amount of time is shown and applied to them, unless the due date is sooner (in which case the time up to the due date is shown).
what it does not do: automatically push back the due date of the assignment. If there is a narrow window of start/due date times for an assignment (say 1 hour for a 45 minute timed assignment), and SSD student with 1.5x time will get cut off at the hour mark without a late submit, even though they are granted 68 minutes.
notes: frequently used with late submits, always a good idea to check or let the SSD students know when they must have the full assignment done by
who controls this setting?: Quest admin–please send UT eids to Extra time will be applied to learning modules that have the optional timed element checked with a non-zero number entered; you can check application on your exam dashboard, ADA column (using the sort arrows in the header to quickly identify those with non-1 elements here)

staggered start time groups

what it does: allows some students to be grouped to access an assignment earlier than others
what it does not do: allow an individualized due date field for each group, even if this is achievable by moving the due date back at a key time after one group has finished and before the next group is slated to start
notes: there is a common due date, however that can be moved back as needed so subsequent groups can access the assignment
who controls this setting?: Quest admin initially-please send in your quest course home page URL to turn on. Then Instructors-you will be able to move students into different groups on your roster page.

reset submission
what it does: wipes clean an individual person's assignment submissions, or a full class for a specific assignment
what it does not do: retain the original score or answers
notes: we're happy to do this on an individual basis for an specific assignment as time allows (ie, no more than 20 for a given assignment.)

who controls this setting?: Quest admin–please provide the relevant information by following the model here

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