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Quest Learning Modules offer the ability to administer timed assignments, which may be useful for take home quizzes or time-restricted in-class exams.  To use this setting, create a new assignment, select Learning Module, Exams, or Quiz (or others on your grading scheme where the 'submit by' is learning module), and enter in the full window during which students have for this assignment.  

If you do not have learning module or Online exams offered as an assignment type, navigate to your grading scheme and add a new type (you can name it whatever you want, but the 'submit by' pull down needs to show learning module).

Below this you will be given the option to set the amount of time students will have once they progress past the instruction slide of the learning module.  If you do not want your students to receive immediate feedback be sure to also check the 'test mode' box. You may set a window span (example: 10am-3pm) during which time students will have access to the assignment; however, once they start the set timer will be in effect.

Please note that you will have two options for 'enable webcam'. Enable webcam means students will be prompted for their video, but can still access the assignment if they decline this. Require webcam (which will show itself once enable webcam is checked) means students will be required to allow their video to access the assignment. For any online testing, please recommend students follow these steps before testing to minimize any technological troubles.

When the assignment start/due time is greater than the time frame you want students to access the assignment (ie the assignment access is spread across multiple hours), use the optional time limit to curtail the amount of time students can work on it.  However, if testing in a distinct window, like class time, we suggest using start and due times (with late submits) to manage time, and leaving the optional time limit blank.

If you are planning on converting free response questions to multiple choice please make sure this box is checked before you start adding questions to the assignment. Some questions may not be eligible for this conversion if they do not meet the requirements (having a >1% of range of answer choices, having more than 9 viable distractor solutions generated). 

Your class will be able to access the assignment during the window the assignment is open for, but once they begin they will have the set (optional) number of minutes to complete it. Note: if you want to change the timeframe for everyone, go to the settings of the assignment.  If you want to reset an individual's assignment drill down into exam dashboard and add time for that specific student-–this will impact only the indicated student.

Any instructions can be written in, and the timed assignment is created once you click the blue 'create' button at the bottom of the screen.

Because testing is high stakes, please make sure you go through this pre-testing checklist to make sure that everything is taken care of ahead of time.

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