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If the Canvas course contains an assignment group with a name that matches the name of your Quest course assignment type, assignments will automatically be copied into the correct Canvas assignment group as they are published in Quest. If you want some groups of assignments not to be sent to Canvas, please set those assignment types, on the Canvas side, to be deposited elsewhere (ie the trash). We can administratively stop the flow of grades and assignments from Quest to Canvas upon request.

On Quest, Grading Scheme (on left side bar), where assignment type name...

Canvas, Grading Scheme equivalent...must match the Canvas group name.

(to delete or not show certain assignment types in the Canvas gradebook: I'm told that if within the Quest grading scheme there's the known optional assignment types these can be set to flow into the name-matching group in Canvas, and set to be deposited directly into that (trash) bucket for those assignment types. Check Canvas for where to send each assignment type.)

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