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SLC Services

SLC Services Spring 2020

Goal Setting

Setting SMART Goals

GRE Prep

GRE Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing

GRE Quantitative Reasoning (Math)


Find your Motivation 

Note Taking

Cornell Note-Taking System

Making Notes Work For You

Using Notes to Study


Critical Reading

PRR: Preview, Read, Review

Scanning and Skimming

Study Strategies

Levels of Learning

Study Cycles

Concentration: Internal and External Distractions

Finding the Best Place to Study

Test Prep

Different Exam Formats

Essay Tests

How to Prepare for Exams

Objective Tests

Problem Solving Tests

Test-Taking Strategies for Different Types of Questions

Time Management

Be Strategic with Your Time

Breaking Down Large Tasks

Tasks to Do.pdf

Monthly Calendar

Time Black Holes

Weekly Schedule

Planner Essentials

Procrastinators: Which one are you?

Planning for Finals Week

Spring 2020 Deadline Calendar.pdf

SLC Spring 2020 Deadline Calendar.xlsx

Campus Resources

Where Do I Go For...?

Space contributors


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