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This is the page for University Area Partners news and updates:
Recent updates:

From 2/23 Meeting with UAP

*US Census 2010 data collection will begin 3/15/2010 (during Spring Break)-Census Dept will also publicize in DT and through University Wide Email

*Bus Rapid Transit (Cap Metro Project) approved (will run along Guadalupe every 5 minutes to North and South) - service will begin late 2011-early 2012

*Parking Benefit District (PBD) will be discussed at 3/8/2010 Central Austin Neighborhood Planning Action Committee (CANPAC) subcomittee meeting -- UAP wants to put in meter and residential parking to raise revenue for sidewalk, lighting, safety improvements in W. Campus. CANPAC concerned about parking overflow going into their communities.  Subcommittee working on Area wide parking plan but UAP thinks this will take too long.  At present moment we support plan to put in meters to help faciliate safer walking areas.  CANPAC and UAP involved in political infighting not conducive to quick resolution. 

*Rio Grande St construction form MLK to 24th St to begin after Spring Finals (2010).  Construction from 24th to 29th St will begin 1 year later

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