NOTE: As part of the SoA's effort to comply with a mandate from UT's Environmental Health and Safety, a card reader was installed at the entrance to the Build Lab, and the door remains locked from the outside at all times. Those who have successfully passed EHS's on-line training session and The Build Lab's "Level 1" training can access the shop during normal operating hours by simply swiping their UT ID cards at the door. No exceptions can be made. 

Our training teaches fundamental knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment.  It is offered in the three levels described below:

  • Environmental Health and Safety's on-line training (one of two sessions required to access Build Lab): Emphasizes University-wide policies and practices. Contains many informative videos. If you already have an UTLearn login go to this link to take the OH 500 Training
  • Level 1 Site Specific Training (the second of two sessions required to access Build Lab): Taught by the Build Lab Technical Assistant at the beginning of each semester in studio-sized groups of 15 or more. Email the Build Lab for days and times of upcoming sessions.
  • Level 2 Site Specific Training (Required to use the heavier equipment) Taught by the Build Lab Technical Assistant as needed, in groups of six or more. Email The Build Lab for days and times of upcoming sessions.

About Environmental Health and Safety's on-line training...

For those new to the SoA or simply as a reminder for our current students, the SOA’s Build Lab enacted operational changes after UT’s Environmental Health and Safety Department instituted a mandatory online safety training program for all University shops. It is supplemental to all Build Lab training, and as a result, all students and faculty who wish to access it must now take and pass both EHS’s and the Build Lab’s training sessions.

Step 1) EHS’s training

What: The objective of this course is to introduce you to the hazards of working in machine shops. The course subjects include the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities for shop owners and operators.
  • Basic safe procedures for machine shops.
  • Common shop equipment and their safe operation.
  • Common warning signs and labels.

How: Current students can follow this link to access EHS’s training portal, where you will find the page below:


You must be a current UT student and have a UT EID to register.

  • Complete all the fields in the form.
  • The User ID field is your UT EID.
  • The Username will automatically populate with the information entered in the User ID field.
  • The password is for one-time use only. Do not use your UT EID password.

Once your registration is complete, the system will redirect you to the UTLearn welcome page. You can search, request, and complete your required training. So, either (a) use the search function in the upper right to find “OH 500” or (b) scroll down the page until you find the “OH 500 – Machine Shop Safety” section…


… and follow the links to complete the training.

Two last points: