In order to streamline the use of this space it is necessary to submit a request so that we can capture the details of the work , timeframe requested, and insure that projects do not overlap with other requests. 

Please email The SOA Facility Manager to schedule the use of the GOL patio. 

  1. The requestor will submit an email to facility manager with the details of what the deck will be used for, desired date of use, how long it will be needed.
  2. The facility manager will approve, deny, or amend the request. 
  3. Prior to work beginning the Facility Manager will walk the space with the requestor to insure that it is safe to perform work as well as relay the SOA’s expectations of the work site while work is performing. (The building manager will initiate the necessary hot work plan, if needed and insure that it is carried out.)
  4. Based on the request, it will be coordinated with the Build lab so that it can provide access to the necessary tools they will need and insure their return.
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