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Welcome to the OADR Wiki space. Here you will find guidance and procedures relating to all phases of your sponsored research project. 

Curious on what we do? Check us out hereShould you have any questions, comments, concerns not currently addressed here, please reach out to OADR and their team. 

Marcy Watkins, (mrw3783)

Administrative Assistant, JHH



          Alisa Hernández, (aah3257)

          Accounts Payable Specialist


Cubbin's Corner: 

Welcome back Researchers!


Resuming Research Operations on Campus

Download On Campus Research

Fillable PDF

Download Off Campus Research 

Fillable PDF



Grants and Contract Statistics, for FY19-20

  • $21.5 million in contract/grant awards

  • $42.8 million in spending authority

  • 44% “hit rate” 

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