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Welcome to the OADR Wiki space. Here you will find guidance and procedures relating to all phases of your sponsored research project. 

Curious on what we do? Check us out hereShould you have any questions, comments, concerns not currently addressed here, please reach out to OADR and their team. 

Important Messages from OADR: 

  • Travel PolicyThe prohibition on university-sanctioned domestic travel for business or study is extended through August 31, 2021. Decisions about the policy after August 31, 2021 will be announced on or before July 30, 2021.
  • Software Purchases: Please keep in mind, any software license purchases must be reviewed by your Post-Award Specialist prior to purchase/renewal. For more info, please visit our page
  • Reimbursement Request: Purchases for the university made by faculty, staff, and students using personal funds are NOT authorized and will only be reimbursed as an exception. Please discuss with your Post-Award Specialist head of time before proceeding on this route.

Meet our team!

Catherine Cubbin - Associate Dean for Research

Carol M. Lewis - Director

Lana Pettit - Executive Assistant

Karen Pate - Human Resource Coordinator

Vacant - Senior Pre-award Specialist

Aisol M. Ostos -  Senior Post-award Specialist

Layla Albo - Post-award Specialist

Enrique Arancibia - Account Payable Specialist

Useful Links & Resources:

UT’s webpage for important COVID-19 related information

COVID-19 and Sponsored Research guidance 

SSW Business Affairs and Forms

Faculty & Research COVID-19 FAQ

Cubbin's Corner: 

Welcome back Researchers!


Resuming Research Operations on Campus



Grants and Contract Statistics, for FY19-20

  • $21.5 million in contract and grant awards

  • $42.8 million in spending authority

  • 45% “hit rate,” pending four subcontract outcomes

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