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NPL has a multitude of special projects that involve generating images. The type specimen photography project, microfossil scanning, and photographic drawer inventory generate terabytes of data. Add to this the administrative photos (like the photographic inventory of lab equipment), field trip photos, and conservation and prep documentation and many many others, and you have a file tree that requires constant vigilance to keep it all straight. Some things will seem to fit both places, and occasionally files seem like they belong one place but really there is a better place. The use of tags helps enforce structure within the folders, but it still takes focus and care to figure out where best to put something.

Searching for an image can be tricky- but you can use the search function to look for tags, catalog numbers, or taxon names. Follow the links below to find out where things get saved and why. A little understanding of the when's and why's can go a long way when it comes to finding your way around!

Folders in the Image Library tend to fall into 3 broad categories.


There are also many folders that do not fall neatly into these categories. If you have any questions, just ask!

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