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Anyone using equipment must be up to date on EHS Lab Safety training module OH 201, as well as have a completed OH 102 checklist on file.

Currently, NPL does not have a formalized preparation training program. Until such a time that a program is established, our training guidelines are:

  • University of Texas at Austin graduate students who have completed Geo 338P are allowed full access to preparation equipment at NPL.
  • Students and volunteers who have experience from other institutions and can demonstrate basic competency and safe usage will be granted conditional permission.

In the prep lab, in cabinet 280 has a drawer labeled 'Practice and Training'. These are the only specimens approved for preparation by NPL staff (volunteer, student, or regular) as a means for practice and experimentation. It is up to the Collection Manager to decide if/when a staff member is allowed to work on fossil prep.

Maintaining Prep Equipment:

Preparation equipment must be kept in good working order to ensure safety of the preparator, as well as safety of the specimen. Compressed air tools have specific instructions for maintenance, so please refer to the maintenance pages for the equipment you use so you can be sure you are following protocol.


Maintenance of: