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NPL has developed many digitization initiatives. Our Type Collection, the Mussel Collection and many others have been digitally imaged under such projects. In 2014 we hosted a Paleo Digitization workshop with iDigBio (the digitization hub for biological collections) where participants learned different approaches to imaging specimens, software for managing them and how to integrate those images into databases. 

As we generate more and more images, using metadata to help manage them become more and more important. The simplest way to manage metadata is in the Windows file structure its self.

For ease of organization, we can break down our protocols based on the type of photography. 


for acetate and polished peels, as well as any other translucent flat preparation, use the transmitted light microscope.

Inventory Photography

With the advent of Google Glass, we've been able to image whole drawers of specimens. We also use iPads and cell phone cameras for inventory images. 

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