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These two tables, locations prefixes and locations, represent some that were tricky to track down.  Note that many of the maps that are included as figures in a publication often have explicitly marked locations, especially those like 120-T-24 (e.g. county-T-site). So tracking down a publication that mentions a specimen from a particular location can be a big win. The first table below lists some supporting resources for both NPL standard and publication specific location numbers.  Some sources are documented in the maps (Map OM-n) listed at the end of this page.

If you are looking for something specific, use Control+F (Command+F on a Mac) to search within this web page.

Some of the detailed data in these sources has been included in the Wiki - see the links in the notes sections below.

Counties are in Texas unless otherwise indicated.  

To add to the locations on this page, log into the wiki, click on Edit and add a row in the editor.

Location PrefixesCounty



King Locations

Includes ranches, hills of the form 'Hill 4806', ... 

Brewster, Culberson, Hudspeth, & Pecos
Permian Brachiopods of West Texas, Cooper & Grant, Smithsonian Inst. Press, 1972

The publication lists numerous King localities in West Texas. Includes significant help identifying benchmarks, peaks not named on the maps, and ranches. Most of these names are old, circa 1920-40.  

West Texas Brachiopod Location Names.  Describes location naming conventions for ranches, tanks, hills, etc.

King Brachiopod Locations  includes Cooper and Grant's augmented version of King's locations with modern formation names in brackets.  

134-T, 141-T,
153-T, 159-T,
16-T, 27-T


Plate 1 in Bull. 4329

For these county locations, many are captured on the map associated with the entry for 250-T
250-TSan Saba
Plate 1 n Bull. 4329Map is in the back of The Carboniferous Rocks of the Llano Region of Central Texas, F. B. Plummer, UT BEG Publication No. 4329, August 1, 1943.

48-1 to 53-5, etc.
Young Localities

Various, often Travis & Williamson

Young used a location notation of the form 'year-sequentialNumber'. These are recorded in the notebooks in the box in the PRC 122 hall on the right hand side labeled "Historic Notebooks, Field Localities, Adkins & Young".
44.1 to 152.2 Plummer LocalitiesVarious
UT Bull. 2132See 1921-Plummer-Pennsylvanian-Locs-54.n.pdf on the Z drive in Doclib/GeoReferencing/FoundPlaces for detailed location descriptions.
C-1 .. C-28 ConodontsChappel Limestone

See Geological Survery Professional Paper 284-J in the NPL Library.
C-1 ... C-89mostly Wise
Craddock LocalitiesSee Z:\DocLib\Craddock\Locality for Cretaceous and Pennsylvanian localities.
Carboniferous locations & measured sections. E.g. BC, BT, CME, CM, CMN, IH, LT, PGC, POC, SR, ODSan Saba
Appendix and Map

See Gries, 1970. Carboniferous Biostratigraphy, Western San Saba County, Texas. Consolidates data from Gries 1970, Humble 1955-1957, Oden 1958, Rose 1959, Defandorf 1960, Kuich 1964, and Turner 1970. They include location identifiers of the form OC-1, LK11-2, T-143, ... 

See also the Oden 1958 thesis map, though this data should be in Gries, above.

Summary in SanSaba-Leonard-Ranch-Oden-1958-locationSummary.txt

Note that you can sort tables by clicking on column headings.

Location NameCounty


Adkins RanchHudspeth31.501515, -105.078070Map OM-2

Apache SpringsCulberson31.416667, -104.833333Map OM-2

Apache TankHudspeth31.416667, -105.000000Map OM-2

Atlas CementMcLennan31.480675, -97.244965
Historic location for Atlas Cement (Atco).0.5 mi
Aylor Ranch HouseSan Saba31.079742, -98.477171
Based on data in 205-T-167 relative to Bend School (and apparent ruins on Google maps)400 m
B-Bar (Hall) RanchCulberson31.168182, -104.867544Map OM-2

Bat CaveCulberson31,-104Map OM-2

Bat Cave FaultCulberson31,-104Map OM-2

Bean RanchHudspeth31.157576, -105.049123Map OM-2

Bear Wallow CanyonJeff Davis30.9935, -104.0680Brundrett 1953Source of canyon. From map in dissertation.
Bend SchoolSan Saba31.099210, -98.510971San Saba 1959This is another Bend School. Which fits better with many of our 205-T sites
Bend SchoolSan Saba31.129010, -98.504360Bend, 1932AKA McAnnelly Bend School
BethelEastland32.170982, -98.960924UT Bull 2132Roughly where Union Center is. See the map in the back of the Bulletin.
Bexar County Oil Wells (wild card)Bexar29.293378, -98.448614ROU 36kmPoint placed at the center of the portion of Bexar County that lies south of San Antonio (because that is where the oil wells are found). Uncertainty extends to all parts of Bexar County lying south of San Antonio.
Bierschwale Ranch HeadquartersKimble30.617286 -99.534387

Found detailed map (fig. 15) in H. J. Plummer, BEG Pub 4401, 1944.

OLD NOTE: Windmill with label shows on Mudge Draw. Detail on headquarters from Paul Bierschwale, great grandson of original Bierschwale who acquired the ranch in 1904.

Big TankHudspeth31.5,-105Map OM-2

Big Woods HillsWilliamson30.7145,-97.5459Round Rock 1928 QuadAustin Chalk, Dessau fm.
Black Mountain TankHudspeth31.500000, -105.166667Map OM-2

Blackshaft MineHudspeth31,-104Map OM-2

Blue CutMcLennan31.346206, -97.3691181965 Moody Quad"Blue Cut" is not on the map. However, Blue Cut Road North ends at this point and Blue Cut Road South begins as seen on Open Street maps as of March 2019.0.25 mi

Blind Asylum Lands and Lunatic Asylum Lands

Taylor32.4532, -99.6828
This was tough to track down. The Clear Fork of the Brazos forks west today before it gets to Abilene. But back in the day, on various maps, (1897-TX-Taylor... and 1857-TaylorCo-AsylumLands) this is in Taylor County. In the Texas land office surveys, Lunatic Asylum and Blind Asylum Lands are abbreviated LAL and BAL.
Bluff Creek (BC)San Saba30.705149, -99.404343Geologic Map of the Leonard Ranch Area

The location of the Bluff Creek Section is described on page 7 of Oden, 1958 (UT Masters Thesis). The distance he describes in feet don't quite match up, thus the 500 m. uncertainty.

500 meters
Bosque BridgeMcLennan31.601188, -97.193895Waco 4-c 1924Plain as day, right there on the map25 meters
Bottom of mapHudspeth31.031667, -105.252778Map OM-2

Bower's RanchMason30.655802, -99.400864Sheep Run CreekUpdated to be "Tom White's Ranch"
Bradford PlaceHudspeth31.193939, -105.118421Map OM-2

Brewster County Hill 3610Brewster29.850020, -103.142480Hood Spring QuadHood Spring,TX 1918 (1946 ed.) Scale 1:62500
Brewster County intersection of TX 118 and FM 170 - East of Terlingua.Brewster

118 is road N out of Big Bend
Brotmke RanchComal29.757239, -98.138987
beside Waco Spring
Bull Creek RoadTravis

Lengthy discussion of where it was with maps:
C-1 ... C-89mostly Wise
Craddock LocalitiesSee Z:\DocLib\Craddock\Locality for Cretaceous and Pennsylvanian localities.
Cage RanchMaverick28.475294, -100.214635

Cerro de Tecolote 1Travis30.300010, -97.809700WellsHill of Owls. This is based on the well map. This was W. S. Adkins property in West Lake Hills. I believe it is one of these two hills. The well was completed in 1939. This corresponds to the map in the document showing the wells of Travis Co., so I am currently going with that. Both of these hills are rougly the right height, though I think the elevations circa 1940 were off. The well is supposed to be at 990 ft. but the tops of these hills are around 970.
Cerro de Tecolote 2Travis30.289726, -97.812651
Hill of Owls. This is Spillar Hill. This was W. S. Adkins property in West Lake Hills. I believe it is one of these two hills. It was said to have a view of the Capitol and be visible from the UT Tower. This location is closer to then-existing roads (the well was completed in 1939) and there is a community there called Spiller Hill, which is one of the Cerro de Tecolote sites. Both of these hills are roughly the right height.
Cherry MountGrayson33.705167, -96.4288331940 General Highway Map of Grayson County
2000 ft
Chisos MineBrewster29.319917, -103.619546See pdf referred in the notes.1918-Udden-QuickSilverDeposits-BrewsterCounty-UT-bulletin-no1822.pdf0.25mi
Chispa StationJeff Davis34.344000, -97.234530
Old train station
Chispa SummitJeff Davis30.720738, -104.768120
From: Some Upper Cretaceous Ammonites in Western Texas, W. S. Adkins (1931) (in Type Room)
Chittim Gas FieldMaverick28.853598, -100.308235

Chittim RanchMaverick28.849942, -100.295560

CieneguitaPresideo29.931580, -104.354320Shafter, TX 1896May be a ranch.
Circle RanchHudspeth31.202273, -104.987719Map OM-2

Circle Ranch FaultHudspeth31.166667, -105.039474Map OM-2

Clanton Ranch in Aqua Fria quad is labled Adams RanchBrewster29.589937, -103.603453Agua Fria Quad

Clay, Archer & Montague plant localities

See Z:\DocLib\Collection notes\Plant Collection\WPA-ClayCountyTX-Hook
Comanche Maverick RanchMaverick28.698430, -100.397938

Corn RanchCulberson31.324242, -104.840351Map OM-2

County Line North, West & EastSan Saba31.239703, -99.091867Index Map

Gries, 1970. Carboniferous Biostratigraphy, Western San Saba County, Texas .

This is a bit crazy. North is on the north side of the road, E & W are on the respective sides of the line on the south side to the road.

Cowan SprintHudspeth31.150758, -104.927193Map OM-2

Cox CrossingBlanco30.084017, -98.347831

Cox Mountain = Sneed MountainHudspeth31.294849, -105.113560Map OM-2

Cox Mountain FaultHudspeth31.294849, -105.113560Map OM-2

Cradock Localitiesvarious

See Z:\DocLib\Craddock\Locality for Cretaceous and Pennsylvanian localities.
Crane's MillComal29.895368, -98.286296

Crane's Mill-New Braunfels Rd.Comal

Same as FM 2673 & RM 2722
Dagger TankHudspeth31.348485, -105.070175Map OM-2

Dallas Highway, OldTravis

North Lamar all the way to I-35. See:
Davidson's FarmWilliamson30.634504, -97.584196

Found by searching for Davidson Ranch, Williamson County.

1301 County Road 106, Georgetown, Texas 78626. from:

100 yds
Devil Ridge OverthrustHudspeth31.041667, -105.234211Map OM-2

Dillingham's Farm, Dillingham's Pasture

Travis30.396857, -97.677913
Notes: "Dillingham Lane" shows up in open street maps and cannot be found by Google Maps
.75 miles
Dorothy SwitchTarrant32.817052, -97.058662
See Google book reference6 mi
Double WellsCulberson31.500000, -104.833333Map OM-2

Durrell RanchCulberson31.112121, -104.739474Map OM-2

Eagle Pass CemetaryMaverick28.724013, -100.488427

East Diablo FaultCulberson31.250000, -104.872807Map OM-2

Eleven Mile TankHudspeth31.287121, -105.228947Map OM-2

Estes PlaceHudspeth31.305303, -104.936842Map OM-2

F. Dolch RanchMaverick28.650534, -100.451742

Farias RanchMaverick29.786930, -100.156520

Faults in N. Travis & Williamson CountyTravis, Williamson

See map "Bedrock Geology of Round Rock and Surrounding Areas, Williamson and Travis Counties, Texas" in Scholarworks. Downloaded to Z:\DocLib\GeoReferencing\Resources\Maps-TopoAndGeological\ TravisAndWilliamson-Bedrock Geology-2017.pdf

Coordinates below are generally south to north on the surface. Some probably go further where I hit the edge of the map. Some were extended where the larger geo map shows them.

Onion Fault - 30.522083, -97.727047 to 30.623177, -97.682673
Three Mile Fault - 30.521714,-97.711254 to 30.597618,-97.676793
Chandler Fault - 30.469796, -97.685205 to 30.670805,-97.615167
Mankins Branch Fault - 30.599282, -97.62349 to 30.624914, -97.612291
Jonah Fault - 30.625062, -97.543112 to 30.624619 ,-97.560535
Dry Branch Fault - 30.49590, -97.651688 to 30.52201, -97.644907
Dyer Branch Fault - 30.493502, -97.63156 to 30.511769, -97.639714
Cottonwood Fault - 30.511769, -97.639714 to 30.625062, -97.543112
Brushy Creek Fault - 30.49916, -97.537447 to 30.524006, -97.550665
Shiloh Fault - 30.44538, -97.588345 to 30.49916. -97.537447

Figure Two RanchCulberson31.460606, -104.847368Map OM-2

FinisJack33.029652, -98.413721
Ghost town. See
Flat MesaJeff Davis30.886804, -104.453811

Gabriel MillsWilliamson30.776992, -97.927009USGS Topo

Gaddie's PlaceWilliamson30.631177, -97.532341
Described as .75 mi. downstream from Jonah, TX1 km
Gap TankPecos30.426620, -102.971250Longfellow, TX 1920There is another Gap Tank in Pecos county on more recent maps. But for Paleozoic refs, this is the one. See Geo. Soc. of Amer. Memoir 88
Garren RanchHudspeth31.121212, -104.977193Map OM-2

Garza-Little Elm SpillwayDenton33.059975, -96.923264USGS Topo (1960 Lewisville East)Now called Lake Dallas.1 mi
Grace CanyonBrewster
See pdf referred in the notes.Reference to Grace Canyon can be found in which is saved in the Resources dirctory of Georeferencing on the Z drive.2.0 mi
Grapevine FaultCulberson31,-104Map OM-2

Grayson BluffTravis?33.061457, -97.191921
Refers to Grayson Marl?
Green Hill = Queen HillWilliamson30.6722, -97.5511Round Rock 1951 QuadQueen Hill is on the map in the right fm. Somewhat problematic mapping.
Guadalupe PointCulberson31.8775153, -104.8581655
= El Capitan (according to GNIS)
Hancock, Comal CountyComal29.909231, -98.2245921940 General Highway Map, Comal County

Hansend RanchBandera

Page 217 of
Harrell RanchHudspeth31.106061, -105.002632Map OM-2

Hill 2600, Black Gap AreaBrewster29.622301, -103.032821Daggar Flat Quad, 1971Not due W of hill 2616
Hill 2616, Black Gap AreaBrewster29.656532, -102.977865Maravillas Canyon Quad, 1919

Honeycutt RanchHudspeth31.446212, -105.079825Map OM-2

IGN RR in Ft WorthTarrant32.667318,

James Turkey farmTravis30.171045, -97.733615
Mouth of Marble Creek, James Turkey Farm
J C Duncan Ranch 1Jeff Davis30.8724, -103.9238Brundrett 1953From map in dissertation.
J C Duncan Ranch 2Jeff Davis30.8169, -103.8467Brundrett 1953From map in dissertation.
Jones CrossingTravis30.188461, -97.618428

K C RanchJeff Davis30.949309, -104.018244Buckhorn Mountain (1978)Near Boquilas Fm. to the east. Just N. is Willow Spring. Note the difference between KC Ranch and K C Rance is a space between K and C. The Geographic Names Information System is sensitve to that.
KC RanchCulberson31.587070, -104.474933K C Ranch Quad (1973)Nowhere near Cretaceous formations. Note the difference between KC Ranch and K C Rance is a space between K and C. The Geographic Names Information System is sensitve to that.
Keene RanchHudspeth31.227273, -105.170175Map OM-2

Keisling PropertyMaverick28.530268, -100.319851

Kent Station Ls. = Boracho Ls.

From we learn that the San Martine member is in the Kent Station Ls. But currently, that member is considered part of the Boaracho Ls. So we determined that there must have been a cleanup of nomenclature.
King WaterholeMedina29.392016, -99.152029Mustang Valley Quad (1969)King Water Hole is seen on the Mustang Valley Quad (1969). Uncertainy is a radius of 100 meters.100 m
Kingston RanchJeff Davis30.8712, -103.9711Brundrett 1953From map in dissertation.
La Rosita RanchMaverick28.599368, -100.400772

Leonard Ranch HeadquatersSan Saba31.199569, -98.908469
From "Carboniferous stratigraphy of the Leonard Ranch area, San Saba County, TX", J. Oden, 1958
Lethco RanchJeff Davis31.0167, -104.0223Brundrett 1953From map in dissertation.
Lohmann's CrossingTravis30.380130, -97.987750
1826 Austin map and (Lakeway History)
Lost Valley
30.704212, -105.000351
Lost Valley syncline was found by reading: Read the Localities section on page 78.
Lost Valley Syncline
30.704136, -105.000351
Love FarmBell30.907000, -97.548000
Described in a number of NPL records. Search for "Love Farm" in Specify to see all descriptions of where on Love Farm a specimen was collected. This location is an average of what I have seen so far.2.0 mi
Lower Falls Guadalupe RiverComal29.742832, -98.106783
Lower Falls is where MP Railroad crosses the Guadalupe River.
Lunatic Asylum Lands and Blind Asylum LandsTaylor


This was tough to track down. The Clear Fork of the Brazos forks west today before it gets to Abilene. But back in the day, on various maps, (1897-TX-Taylor... and 1857-TaylorCo-AsylumLands) this is in Taylor County. In the Texas land office surveys, Lunatic Asylum and Blind Asylum Lands are abbreviated LAL and BAL.
M. Ingram Survey Abs 298Bowie33.506092, -94.684099

MKT RR bridge crossing of Elm Fork of the Trinity River
32.996472, -96.943834

Map of Bell Gin QuadrangleWilliamson

Quad is defined in "Geology of Bell Gin quadrangle, Williamson Co., TX. Billy Walls. 1950.
Map of Berry Creek QuadrangleWilliamson

Quad is defined in "Geology of Berry Creek quadrangle, Williamson Co., TX. Rovert N. Arrington. 1954.
Map of Jonah QuadrangleWilliamson

Quad is defined in "Biostratigraphy of Jonah quadrangle, Williamson Co., TX. Edward Marks, 1950. A copy has been downloaded to the NPL georeference folder. Note this "quad" is solely defined by this thesis.
Map of McLennan Co. 1923McLennan
1923-Adkins-McLennanCountyGeology-2013-X-1284-RascoeElder (3).pdfPlate 1, z:\doclib\georeferencing\references\1923-Adkins-McLennanCountyGeology-2013-X-1284-RascoeElder (3).pdf
Map of Mozo QuadrangleWilliamson

Quad is defined in "Geology of Mozo quadrangle, Williamson Co., TX. Albert E. Hartwig. 1952
Map of Palm Valley QuadrangleWilliamson

Quad is defined in "Geology of Palm Valley quadrangle, Williamson Co., TX. LeRoy Tydlaska, 1951.
Map of Palo Pinto Co. 1935Palo Pinto

NPL Library: Geology of Palo Pinto County, Texas, UT Bulletin No. 3534, September 8, 1935
Map of San Saba Co. - Leonard RanchSan Saba31.199569, -98.908469
From "Carboniferous stratigraphy of the Leonard Ranch area, San Saba County, TX", J. Oden, 1958
Matthew PlaceHudspeth31.400758, -105.142105Map OM-2

McAdoo Place (0)Hudspeth31.162879, -105.128070Map OM-2

McAdoo Ranch (1)Hudspeth31.246970, -105.088596Map OM-2

McAdoo Ranch (2)Hudspeth31.277273, -105.017544Map OM-2

McAdoo Ranch (3)Hudspeth31.357576, -104.935965Map OM-2

McAnnelly Bend SchoolSan Saba31.129010, -98.504360Bend, 1932

Meeks RanchBrewster30.347620, -103.067940UT Bull. 3038, Plate XIIn King 1930 in the Type Room
Mitchell CrossingColeman31.415043 -99.3305Brady 2-a, 1924

Montgomery RanchBrewster30.377170, -103.021500UT Bull. 3038, Plate XIIn King 1930 in the Type Room. Now shows on maps as Dessie Ranch
Morgan RanchKimble30.645290, -99.564273
Detailed directions to this ranch on 134-T-6 card.
Morrison Tank 2Hudspeth31.583040, -105.123090Map OM-2Now McAdoo Tank.
NelinMcCulloch31.167473, -99.256021
Nelin seems to have been Plummer's name for East Sweden. Multiple locations strongly support this.
Neuman RdMedina29.393100, -99.154218
CR 341 is presumed to be Neuman Rd, the road from Hondo to "F Newman" as seen on the New Fountain Quad (1956).
Nevell RanchCulberson31.331337, -104.109354Shown on Van Horn Quads 1954,1958

Nevill Quadrangle (center of)Culberson31.312500, -104.187500Pg. 2 of 1958-TX-CulbersonCountyQuadNames-(see_page_2)-03710.pdfPoint is located in the center of Nevill Quadrangle as shown on the map in the reference.
Nevill RanchBrewster30.041684, -103.568192
Shown on Alpine Quad (1895)
Neville RanchPresidio30.496340, -104.867440Note multiple sim. named ranches in dif. counties.Unnamed ranch, 6 miles upriver from Porvinir on Marfa (1959) Map
New Sweden ChurchTravis30.406012, -97.486838

North Baylor FaultCulberson31.287879, -104.750000Map OM-2

O'Keefe RnachHudspeth31.405303, -105.228070Map OM-2

O2 RanchBrewster29.847870, -103.743900Buck Hill Quad 1917 (1963 ed)

OD-1 ... OD-13San Saba31.188596 -98.972357

GPS is near Challenge Mill. These are all marked on the map in the thesis.  See Doclib/GeoReferencing/Maps-TopoAndGeological/

Old Babb PlaceHudspeth31.578030, -105.002632Map OM-2

Old Bird PlaceHudspeth31.444697, -105.007895Map OM-2

Old Cameron PlaceHudspeth31.346970, -105.094737Map OM-2

Old Price PlaceHudspeth31.288636, -105.054386Map OM-2

Old San Antonio Rd.Houston & others

For complete route, see

Old Sneed PlaceHudspeth31.300758, -105.128070Map OM-2

Old Stone RanchThrockmorton33.038659, -99.354908; Old Stone Ranch of the Reynolds Cattle Company.
Oxford SpringHudspeth30.840380, -105.040953

P-1 ... P-47various
Craddock LocalitiesSee Z:\DocLib\Craddock\Locality for Cretaceous and Pennsylvanian localities.
Paloma RanchMaverick28.881360, -100.411610

Pecan Experimental RoadTravis30.356853, -97.827375
Dr. J. E. Pearce leased an orchard for the U. S. Pecan Research Laboratory which was located on Little Campus at UT. The orchard was "10.5 m. NW of Austin". Found a ref to a judge being murdered by highway men on Bull Creek Rd. on his way to the experimental orchard. And Emma Long Park has Pearce Rds. around it. I believe this is City Park Rd.
Pfluger Ranch (old)Kimble30.633115, -99.521505
This old ranch house is not on the maps, but Google image seems to show old outline.200 m
Pitahaya HillBrewster29.568660, -103.566660Agua Fria Quad

Poor FarmTravis30.294235, -97.761317
Poplar TankBrewster30.252699 -103.322319
Map on page 143 of Permian Brachiopods of West Texas I, G. A. Cooper & R. E. Grant, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1972. I originally triangulated to a spot about 32 NNE of the correct spot.
Rancheria MountainHudspeth31.722176, -105.881600Cerro Alto 1903

Reynolds Cattle CompanyThrockmorton33.037918, -99.353247
From: 1875 Roberts County 1884 - incorporated as Reynolds Cattle Company. Fort Griffin, Shackleford county 32.927222,-99.232222 Haskel, Shackleford, and Throckmorton county ranches consolidate into a single Reynolds Cattle Co. Headquarters in Albany, Shackleford County. 1895 Added 232,000 acres in Jeff Davis County 1901 Headquarters moved to Fort Worth. 1927 or so, acquired 64,000 acres of land from XIT ranch near Dalhart in Hartley County. Headquarters of Reynolds Cattle Co is either Albany or Fort Worth. Old Stone Ranch is historic site of the ranch at: 33.037918,-99.353247 Throckmorton County.
Reynolds Cattle RanchThrockmorton33.038659, -99.354908
Spills over to Haskell and Shackleford counties. For Reynolds Cattle Co. see
Rinard CreekTravis30.133308, -97.7442411910 Austin,1988 MontopolisRinard Creek on 1910 Austin is Marble Creek on 1988 Montopolis.10 ft
Roth RanchMedina29.436609, -99.291165 and Sabinal Quad, 19561.0 mi
Rough CreekBrewster29.965790, -102.961980

Sammons RanchHudspeth31.068182, -104.995614Map OM-2

Sandahl Farm MailboxTravis30.398609, -97.472246
Based on Selwyn Oliver Burford, CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TAYLOR MARL OF TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS, Masters Theses, University of Texas, June, 1928200 m
Sandstone KnobsHudspeth31.303030, -105.166667Map OM-2

SatuitMcCulloch31.199851, -99.1969711948 TX County MapAlso shows on some topos
Sec 16, Blk 3, GC&SFHudspeth30.801094, -104.989853
Part of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe land grant in Hudspeth County. GPS is the center of Section 16. Here's the (map)
Sheep PeakHudspeth31,-104Map OM-2

Sheep Peak FaultHudspeth
Map OM-2

Shiloh FaultWilliamson30.500209, -97.536842
This is the north end of Shiloh fault at Brushy Creek.
Six-Bar RanchCulberson31.5406835, -104.2807586
Six Bar Ranch 1973 Topo
Slaughter RanchHudspeth31.419697, -104.971053Map OM-2

Sloan SchoolSan Saba31.168702, -98.904963Algerian, 1956

Smithson-Anhalt Rd.Comal

Same as TX 46
South Bosque Oil FieldMcLennan31.500934, -97.277101

0.5 mi
South Bosque brickyardMcLennan31.481303, -97.278255
Described as 0.5 mi East of South Bosque by Adkins and Lozo in document in Georeferences/resources titled 1951-Waco-McLennan-Woodbine-EagleFord*.pdf0.5 mi
South Diablo FaultHudspeth31.166667, -105.083333Map OM-2

Speck RanchHudspeth31.003067, -105.192708
Shown on Geologic Atlas of Texas, Van Horn-El Paso Sheet (Revised 1983). This map can be found for download here:!/quad/Allamoore (Hit the Geologic Atlas of Texas download button on the bottom right). Also known as Old Judge Love Ranch.
Specks Crossing.Comal29.880540, -98.448540
This is misspelled - it is 'Specht's Crossing' in Comal County.
Split TankBrewster30.404106 -103.120919
King, Geology of the Glass Mtns, Part II, UT Bull. 3042, Nov 8, 1930. See loc 128 on p. 135.
Spring Gap School - CorrectedPalo Pinto32.683557, -98.422216Geologic Map of Palo Pinto Co. TXGeology of Palo Pinto County, Texas, UT Bulletin No. 3534, September 8, 1935
StewartonJack33.171970, -98.058210Wichita Falls 1954May also be known as Greathouse. Not in GNIS, but on this map and a 1925 Jack Co. map from the General Land Office
Stone RanchMaverick28.462879, -100.340846

Streeruwitz OverthrustHudspeth31.083333, -105.083333Map OM-2

Sullivan PeakBrewster30.309424 -103.347329
Not on the maps. But, says its at BM 6125. There were two peaks I was considering adjacent to the Sullivan Ranch. One is at 6125. Confirmed in map in Contributions to Stratigraphy Permian Rock Units in the Glass Mountains West Texas by G Arthur Cooper and Richard E Grant, in Geo Survey Bull. 1243.
T&P RR bridge crossing Denton Creek
33.044942, -97.205513

Tarrant StationTarrant32.814667, -97.075801USGS Topo Euless 1959
0.1 mi
Terry's ChurchCulberson31.679136, -104.576131

Geological Setting, from New Permian ammonoid localities at Sibley's Last Chance Ranch, Delaware Mountains, Culberson County, Texas, Allen, Matthew L., MS Thesis, UT San Antonio, May 2016.

Texas Genealogy, Records and CountiesAll of Texas

TorbertHudspeth31.041667, -105.075439Map OM-2

Trading PostTravis30.304144, -97.936374

Turnersville CreekTravis30.137882, -97.773542
This is actually Rinard Creek on all the maps. Locality found in publication Guide Book, 17th Annual Field Trip, Shreveport Geological Society, Sept. 2-4, 1949. Cretaceous of Austin, Texas Area. P. 53.
Van HornCulberson31.041667, -104.829825Map OM-2

Victoria PeakBrewster30.270227, -103.336411
Based on link between BEG 11051 and detail on card for 22-T-128.
Waco SpringsComal29.759679, -98.140510

Walnut Hill DairyTravis30.328987, -97.636545

Assume this is situated on 'Walnut Hill', which comes up in a number of locations. Detailed map in Guide Book, 17th Annual SGS Field Trip, Cretaceous of Austin, Texas Area, 1949. Pl. 16.. Copy in Doclib/GeoReferncing/Resources/DocumentationDownloaded/ShreveportGeoSocietyFieldTrip1949.pdf

Walnut SpringSan Saba31.189707, -98.918200
USGS notes that Walnut Spring is a variant of Sloan Pool Spring
Watson RanchCulberson31.181061, -104.750000Map OM-2

Weedon SchoolBrown31.862360, -99.063720Brownwood Reservoir Site, 1924

White RanchJeff Davis30.709586, -104.664372
Found in USGS' NGIS names database; Also known as Colquitt ranch.
White Rock CrossingHill32.036630, -97.302272
From a WSA 00006973 collection record where White Rock Crossing is described as being 3 mi E of Huron,TX.1 mi
White's ranchMason30.655802, -99.400864Sheep Run CreekAlso known as "Bower's Ranch" at some point
Whitestone School, WhitestoneTravis30.520810, -97.830205
This is the 1923 school on the NW corner of the intersection of 183 and 1431.
There is also a current one at 30.477549,-97.851945 that opened in 1991. 
See (TX History Online) and (the Williamson County Historical Site).

Williams RanchMcCulloch31.184159, -99.176786
This GPS loc seems to correspond to "Williams Pasture". See 153-T-731 km
Williams StoreBastrop30.07162,-97.56932Austin 1910Austin 1910 Topo (HTMC 1921 ed.). Not in GNIS.
Wolf CampBrewster30.342452, -103.131712UT Bull. 3038 Part I, Pg. 54In King 1930 in the Type Room. Note this is not the ranch to the east
Word RanchBrewster30.391556, -103.140445
On old topos as Old Word Ranch.
Wyche RanchHudspeth30.955005, -104.946317
Yates RanchCulberson31.125000, -104.897368Map OM-2

Yearwood (Drake) RanchCulberson31.137146, -104.174825
From Kent Quadrangle; 5.2 mi NNE from Kent.1 mi


OM Maps are from the the USGS with ranches identified.

  • OM-2, Geologic map of the Sierra Diablo, Hudspeth and Culberson Counties, Texas, King, P.B., U.S. Geological Survey, Series: Oil and Gas Investigations Map OM-2, 1944.
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  • Wells, Records of wells and springs, drillers' logs, water analysis, and map showing locations of wells and springs, Texas State Board of Water Engineers, August, 1941. From the Cerro de Tecolote Library, Austin, TX III-1-42. #443.

Originally compiled by Michael K. Smith & Ed Bradford beginning in 2018.