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If you'd like training for Georeferencing, please see Liath in the back office for training.

Georeferencing Tasks - How-to.  Approaches to solving specific georeferencing problems.

Georeferencing Resources - Links to numerous online resources to help with Geo-referencing compiled by Michael K. Smith and Ed Bradford.

Found Places - Some of the trickier locations that we have tracked down.

Collecting by Decade - Decades in which collections and collectors were active.

There are various ways to access Specify other than from the thick client on your Windows box, though that version normally provides the most power.

  • Specify 7 web interface.  Requires NPL login.  Less powerful interface than the thick client in the lab. 
  • Web Portal to DB.  May include images. Download button not working due to UT networking restrictions.

Dissertations and theses - Some of these we still need to look up in the Geology Library.  Note that many of these can be found in UT Scholarworks. Many, along with some other useful UT publications, have already been downloaded into the following

  • Z:\DocLib\GeoReferencing\Resources\Theses  
  • Z:\DocLib\GeoReferencing\Resources\Publications