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This label is created to record the specimen numbers of specimens that have been removed from a particular drawer. This label will remain in the drawer from which the specimen was removed. 'Moved' labels tell collections people where the specimens are now located. Do not remove this label from a drawer.

This is what the hand written, older style labels look like.



Labels created in Specify look like this:

There are 2 sets of labels per row. The left one, which says where the specimen was moved to, gets put in the old drawer location. The right-side one, which tells where the original location was, gets put in the tray with the specimen.


Database tasks for Relocating Specimens

Nobody should ever move a specimen without editing the database record first. It is important to edit the record for the specimen you are moving, as some records have many different prep types and storage locations. You can verify you have the right record by looking at the Prep Type and the Storage field- if these match the specimen you are moving, you are good to go. If not, scroll through the Storage records until you find the correct one.

The steps are easy

  • Copy the storage information from the Storage line into the correct fields in the Previous Storage sub-form. (The red lines)
  • Update the Storage with the new location.
  • If necessary, select an oversize option, status or other variable.
  • Change the 'Inventoried by' and 'Date' to the name of the person moving the specimen, and the date of the move.
  • Save the record and close.


♦ If moving 5 or more specimens, please save the records you are editing as a record set. Use this to  make 'Relocation' labels, located in the Reports tab, Labels group.

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