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Student Travel Policy for International Travel

To support all students traveling to international locations, the university has an international travel policy. All enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students participating in activities or events abroad (whether required or optional) must comply with this policy. Students covered by this policy must obtain prior authorization for such travel from the Study Abroad International Office.

Student Travel Policy for University Organized or Sponsored Events

This policy applies to the travel of enrolled undergraduate and graduate students to attend activities or events that are organized and/or sponsored by the university and occur more than 25 miles from the university campus or has a duration of 24 hours or more. An organized event is one that is initiated, planned and arranged by a member of the university's faculty, staff or sponsored student organization and is approved by an appropriate administrator. A sponsored event or activity is one that the university endorses by supporting it financially or by sending students to participate in it as official representatives of the university.

Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

This policy applies to the travel of student members of a registered student organization when the organization requires its student members to attend an activity or event and that activity or event occurs more than 25 miles from the university campus. Registered student organizations that require student members travel to and from events or activities that are covered by this policy must obtain prior authorization for such travel from Student Activities in the Office of the Dean of Students.  

Travel Related Forms  

Below are various forms that may be required for student travel. Completed forms should be retained by the department.

Special Events Insurance 

The UT System Special Events Insurance Plan is an injury/accident insurance policy students can purchase if they do not have domestic health insurance and are going on field trips, conferences, geology digs, etc. within the United States. Special Events Insurance is REQUIRED for uninsured students who travel to university-organized or sponsored events, or when travel is required for registered student organizations. *This is not for international travel which is covered by the UT System Blanket Study Abroad Insurance Program.

IMPORTANT CHANGE - ONLINE ENROLLMENT: As of Aug. 1, 2015, all enrollment in the UT System Special Events Insurance Plan is done online. Paper enrollment forms will no longer be accepted. The Special Events Enrollment is available for school administrators and special event coordinators through Academic HealthPlans (AHP). First time users will need to create a University Administrator account through the website, then you will be able to submit student names online.

Currently the cost of this insurance plan is $5 per student per day. Departments will no longer issue a check to AHP. The UT System will make payment directly to AHP and then charge UT Austin based on enrollment reports from the AHP administrator. UT Austin Risk Management office will bill your department quarterly for charges your department incurred. The contact is Lisa Shanks,

Special Events Insurance Plan will now be a blanket plan to ensure all students who need to be covered are covered in the event they have an accident on one of these trips. This insurance does not replace every day medical insurance as it is an accident-only plan. If you have specific questions about the policy or online enrollment, please contact Diana Casler with AHP at or (817) 809-4762. If you have any questions about the policy change, please feel free to contact Sarah Pekar in the UT System Office of Employee Benefits at or (512) 499-4587.

Students hike in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo credit: International Office) 

Student explores in Australia. (Photo credit: International Office)

Students see the sights in Cuba. (Photo credit: International Office)

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