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In order to ensure all crews are leaving by 10:30pm, it is required that all projects rehearsing in the F. Loren Winship Drama Building (Season, studio, student group, or thesis) end rehearsal promptly at 10pm. The department’s stage managers have been instructed to adhere to this policy. If a group or director is found to be in violation of this policy, the privilege of rehearsing and performing in Winship may be denied.

Nobody is to work in Winship alone at any time. Please check in with the Building Monitor at the Box Office when the Winship administrative office is closed (after 5pm on M-F and on the weekends). (Stage managers can check in for rehearsals and performances.)

At night, never leave the building alone. UT and the College of Fine Arts (COFA) have several programs in place to assist with escorting students; details are in the attached protocol. You may also find current resources online here.

After 10pm, please make sure you are wearing your COFA lanyard and that you have your UT ID for easy identification. The building is closed and should remain unoccupied between 2am and 6am every day.

In the event of a Winship evacuation, please gather in the circle and remain with your stage manager or the building monitor until given the all clear to return.

If you see something or someone that seems out of place, please inform the building monitor.

The University of Texas at Austin Campus Safety provides Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Health & Safety, and Fire Prevention Services, along with other public safety services to create a safe and secure environment for university students, staff, faculty, and visitors. This unit analyzes, prepares for, protects from, and responds to potential hazards and safety risks in order to promote the well-being and continuity of the university environment and operations. Visit for up to date safety measures.

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