Auditions for Department of Theatre and Dance shows are open to UT Austin students in any major, though Theatre and Dance majors will receive casting priority. General auditions are held in October and February for the following term (auditions in October for Spring productions; auditions in February for productions the following Fall). Information will be posted here in advance of those auditions. 

Announcing Auditions for two UTNT Readings!

Spayce Boys by Mateo Hernandez 


Taste Buds: The Adventures of Cake and Broccoli by Claire Derriennic

Audition Mode for Both Readings:

Please submit a self-tape by Wednesday February 7, 2024 to the link below

NOTE: Auditions Materials, Important Dates, Play Descriptions, and Character Breakdowns are listed below each title.

Link for Audition Form:

Link for Video Submissions to Box:

Taste Buds: The Adventures of Cake and Broccoli 

Written by Claire Derriennic 

Directed by Renita James

Staged Reading 

Saturday March 2, 2024 at 11am

Oscar G. Brockett Theatre


First Read: Feb 17 or Feb 18

Rehearsals: Feb 26 through March 2

Play Description

When Cake and Broccoli are unexpectedly rejected on their one and only Eating Day, they must learn to be good so the humans will eat them. But will these unlikely buds find the answer before they wilt and go stale? Or is the meaning of “good” more complicated than it first appears? In this interactive play for ages 5 to 9, each participant receives a “menu” to fill with drawings of their favorite dishes. By challenging harmful narratives classifying food as “good” or “bad,” Taste Buds prompts participants to reflect on the cultural, social and nutritional value of food in their own lives.

Character Breakdown

— Cake

— Broccoli

— 4 Ensemble Members who will play a variety of characters!

Self-Tape Audition Material:

We are looking for a team who is willing to play/be playful and have a ridiculously good time during a short process. This show is very comedic and as such we are seeking performers who have a sense of comedic timing. To audition we are asking for a 1-2 minute monologue of you playing your favorite food. We want to know why this food of yours should be eaten? What makes it special? Why do you love it? We are requesting that you perform this 1-2 minute monologue about your favorite food, as your favorite food. Make bold choices, get creative.

Link for Audition Form:

Link for Video Submissions to Box:

Spayce Boys 

Written by Mateo Hernandez 

Directed by Diamante Martinez (Theatre for Youth Guest Artist)

Staged Reading:

Sunday March 3, 2024 at 11am

Oscar G. Brockett Theatre

Rehearsal Schedule:

2/19 — 6pm - 10pm

2/20 — 6pm - 10pm

2/22 — 6pm - 10pm

2/24 — Noon - 4pm

2/25 — 1pm - 4pm

2/26 — 6pm - 10pm

2/29 — 6pm - 10pm

3/1   — 6pm - 10pm

Play Description:

IGGY and OÑIO are two middle school boys who have a hard time fitting in with nearly anyone around them – peers at school, family at home and even each other. But, one night OÑIO decides to take IGGY on an intergalactic adventure into outer-spayce to figure out if they can actually become friends after constantly ignoring each other at school. Traversing through planets with friendly aliens, stardust meteor showers and even a lunar encounter, the boys start to see each other for who they really are and, in the process, see themselves too.

Character Breakdown

IGNACIO (IGGY) (cis-gender boy) - 11-13 yrs old-ish, Latinx, reserved, loves reading, queer

ANTOÑIO (OÑIO) (cis-gender boy) - 11-13 yrs old-ish, Latinx, rambunctious, loves music videos, queer

MEX (pronounced meh-sh)(any gender) - shapeshifter: able to morph on this heroic mission. playing MOO-SH-EE, mom & dad, classmates, maybe we see them elsewhere along the way (?)

Self-Tape Audition Material:

One 1-minute contemporary monologue

Link for Audition Form:

Link for Video Submissions to Box:

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