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Can I get access to the logo training?

Yes. The logo training video, as well as the Powerpoint presentation is available for download here.

Where can I find my logo?

Approved logos for programs, departments, centers and initiatives are available for download here.

I think we might need a new logo. What’s the process?

McCombs logo architecture has been thoughtfully considered, and must be followed. The Brand Marketing and Communications office will need to review and determine the best fit. Please allow 5 - 7 days for review after the request has been received.

I would like to use the Longhorn silhouette. What are the rules?

The University has strict requirements about the use of “protected marks.” Please review the guidelines here.

What colors should I be using? 

Use of color must be consistent across McCombs. The Marketing Brand and Communications has color guidelines here for the Pantone®, CMYK, RGB and Hex values, this will eliminate the guesswork.

Our department does not use brand fonts because of the license cost. What substitute fonts are free?

It is recommended to use the official fonts. For promotional items, your vendor should have a font license for creating graphics in Benton Sans and GT Sectra. For internal print and digital use, use Arial for Benton Sans and Georgia for GT Sectra.

What is the process for getting promotional items approved through UT Trademarks and Licensing?

All promotional items must be produced by a UT licensed vendor. Submit your proposal on the Trademarks and Licensing portal.  It is a two-step process. First it is reviewed by McCombs and then UT Trademarks and Licensing. You need trademarks and licensing approval first in order to get approval on a purchase order.

The logo is too wide. Can take off some of the logo to make it fit better?

No, review the incorrect usages. Logos may not be altered in anyway.

Do I have to get printed materials approved by Trademarks and Licensing?

Only promotional items (t-shirts, pens, etc.) must be approved.

Have I confirmed that I'm utilizing the new brand standards?

Look at this checklist to make sure the brand adoption is being implemented.

How to update logos in existing Word documents

  1. Download the official formal (RGB / PNG) version of the logo.

  2. Open the document that needs the logo added.
  3. From the pull down menus, choose Insert > Header > Default.
  4. Click so that the cursor is inside the new header block.
  5. From the pull down menus, choose Insert > Picture > From File.
  6. Navigate to the downloaded logo, then click Open.

Update logos in Powerpoint documents

Manually add an new Texas McCombs logo, to one or all the slides.

  1. Download the official formal (RGB / PNG) version of the logo.

  2. To add a logo to all the slides, Select View  > Master > Slide Master . Select a slide master in the thumbnail on the left pane.

  3. Select  Insert  > Picture > Picture from File. Select the downloaded PNG file.

  4. Right click and Format Picture if you need to adjust the size. A pane will pop up on the right, select the Size icon and type in the "Scale Height" and "Scale Width", make sure the percentages are the same.
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 if you are using more than one slide master in your document.
  6. Close Master when complete.
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