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The stacked primary avatar with an orange background is only allowed to be used by the official McCombs School of Business account.


The stacked primary avatar on a white background is only for programs, centers, departments, and initiatives.

Download Here


  • Use “Texas McCombs” in full within sentences.
  • Use first-person plural when writing for your Texas McCombs account (us, we). 
  • Avoid memes or meme phrases when sharing articles, official videos, or research.


  • Consistency is key. After creating a consistent schedule, you can determine from each platform’s insights when your audience is online and what content performs best on each platform. Don’t rely on anecdotal evidence. Use your data.
  • Each platform shares insights or analytics that will show the peak day and time each week that your audience is online.


  • Rule of thumb: 80% of your posts should be focused on brand awareness, students, faculty, or accomplishments. Intersperse a call to action for your audiences that leads to your goal.
  • Use an internal theme for each day to make sure posts have a consistent focus, but are also diverse from day to day. Example: Our theme of #HumanCentered is every Tuesday and #FutureFocused is every Thursday.
  • Consistency is more important than quantity.
  • Do not ask followers to like, comment, or share. Facebook takes this into consideration and lowers reach to your audience.
  • Video performs best, but try to keep videos ADA compliant with accurate closed captions, descriptive titles and open captions.
  • Videos perform best when directly uploaded or shared rather than linked.



Can be used in any post. Always use lower case for the first ‘c’ in “McCombs.”

#HumanCentered #FutureFocused

Please use one of these when the subject of the post is applicable.




  • Using too many hashtags may decrease engagement. Keeping it down to one or two helps give visibility to our brand’s hashtags, which reflect our taglines.
  • One to two hashtags maximum.
  • Make a second comment with anywhere from three to eleven hashtags (alternate between general words like #texas to specific ones like #texasbusiness)
  • One to three hashtags to respect the professional tone of the platform

TIP: Event hashtags amplify and aggregate all of Texas McCombs’ messages and get us on the right signal for university-wide channels. Example: Texas McCombs used #McCombsGrad20, and UT Austin used #UTGrad20. Our office used the Texas McCombs hashtag to find your posts and share, while UT Austin was able to do the same when we all shared their hashtag. Cohesion and consistency create a stronger brand experience.


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