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-Office Supplies: Office supplies are purchased monthly by the Admin. Associate on UT Market: . Click into UT market > ”Today’s Office Depot Partner”. Once all items are added to cart, click “check out”, screenshot this page and save to desktop. Continue checking out and create Requisition: add in "dept. requisition #" (this is just for your internal use, so it can be "marchsupplies" for example). On the next page, make sure to add our building/room in the internal campus delivery section (FAC 338), so that the packages come directly to us. Add in out FYE office supplies account number with no dashes, and set the "funds distribution" at 100% for that account. Verify the document and approve it. It will then say that the form is on UGS Business Office's desk and you are done.

Create a UGS processing form on DocuSign and attach your cart screenshot to the form. Have it signed by the FYE director. We also take turns purchasing suite-wide supplies with BDP as needed (paper towels, printer paper, soap, etc. Speak with BDP admins to decide what is needed).

-Purchasing/Forms: All forms can be found here on DocuSign: Using the DocuSign Power Forms .

  • OOEF (Official Occasion Expense Form) - must be filled out, signed by FYE director and sent to the business office for events that will involve food/drinks. The form will be signed by Business Office. Once you receive receipt from event, attach receipts and processing form together to the OOEF and send to business office.
  • UGS Processing Form - to attach to any receipts you send to business office, like a cover sheet. Also used when you purchase something with the procard
  • Vendor List - UGS approved food vendors we have accounts with who can invoice us: Vendors
  • Tax Exempt Form - Please ask Business Office for this.
  • FYE Account Numbers - Please ask FYE director for this.
  • More information on purchasing can be found here: Purchase Orders .

-Printer - Service requests can be submitted on the Ricoh website ( ) or by calling 888-456-6457. You’ll need to create an account and add our printer info (ID #: 13904052) in as our device. You can also order toner on the Ricoh webpage once a month. It is free and included in our contract.

-Water machine – We receive regular water jug deliveries, but if, for some reason, you need to call them to nudge them to bring more bottles- call “key accounts” at 866-307-6092, tell them the issue and give them our “location ID”: 13587947. Address listed with them – 2304 Whitis Ave. FAC 338.

-Facilities requests – Sometimes things other than the printer/water machine break in the office and the FYE Admin. Associate needs to make a request for facilities to come in and look at it. To do this, you may go to this page: for the information you’ll need to put in a WORQS maintenance request. You will fill out that form, then someone from facilities will contact you shortly.

-Records retention- Manage the record retention for the FYE programs. More information regarding data holding limits, destruction approval forms, and more can be found here:

-Panic Alarm Info:

-Located behind metal cabinet next to office 338T.

-if it’s ever pressed, that individual should call dispatch (512-471-4441, option #9) and provide their PIC (personal identification number, which is the last 4 digits of each employees personal phone number)

-Website: Contact Business Office to get Drupal access and training. Once you have Drupal access, FYE website updates can be made. Once you edit a page and confirm it, email to notify them, and they will publish your updates.

-The FYE Admin. Associate also should update our SIG Faculty Spotlight page about once a month. Choose a faculty member at the beginning of the month and email them asking the following questions:

-Tell us about your Signature Course.

                        -What is your favorite part about teaching a Signature Course?

                        -What is your best piece of advice for first-year students?

Then, edit the website ( with a photo and their answers.

-The FYE Admin. Associate also should update our Signature Course “Wowsite” when necessary.

-Procard - The Procard is the office credit card kept by the FYE admin. Associate. Anyone in FYE may sign this card out to purchase things needed for their programs. The procard may not be used at restaurants or for personal purchases. Please save all receipts and bring them to the FYE Admin. Associate so they may attach the proper paperwork and send to the business office. When borrowing the procard, bring the office Tax exempt form with you, as all purchases should be tax exempt for the university (The Admin. Associate will have this, or ask Business Office). Please visit the purchasing section of the UGS business office wiki for more information regarding procurement: .

-Travel: For anyone needing travel in FYE, the FYE admin. Is responsible for first, creating and filling out a travel authorization request (see: on UGS business office wiki for more info). Once that has been assigned to and approved by the UGS business office, we use the RTA number to book flights with our partnered travel agency: Corporate Travel Planners.

-Send any flight confirmations to the business office and the traveler. Make sure to remind the traveler to book their hotel and to save their receipts during the trip, as they’ll need them to process reimbursements when they return.

-For more information on travel guidelines: Travel Guidelines - Before, During, and After .

-FAC 338 Front Desk Student Workers:

-The Administrative Associate in FYE is responsible for informing the front desk student workers of upcoming busy times, and give instructions on how to handle heavy phone calls during registration periods. Communicate with the BDP employee that manages the student workers to get their schedules and disperse that information to the FYE team.

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