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Use the event page for events, info sessions, and deadlines open to students in UGS or in your program. 

Hover over the black navigation bar >> Content >> Add Content >> Event

Start by entering the Title of the event, something like “OUR Information Session.” Or, if it's a deadline, "Deadline for UGS Video Contest."

Then add copy to the Body section—something that tells the audience what to expect at your event. Details like time and place come later.

Next, choose an Event Image. This will only display on the page. The image must be 480x320 pixels at 72 dpi.  Click Browse and either upload a new image or locate the same standard image provided by the communications team.  
If your event is a reoccurring one like an Information Session, the UGS communications team will come up with a standard event image to be used across all of your events of that nature.

Enter the event date and time. If your event is a deadline for a contest or registration period closing, uncheck the "Show End Date" box, and simply include the due date and time of the deadline.

Add the Event Location Information. For the location, use buildings/room numbers like FAC 4 or MAI 202. If your event is simply to note a deadline of some kind, no location information is required (unless students must physically present something). Upload or browse for a Map/Location Image. Add the UT Facilities building link in the Link space below. 

If you have an RSVP link of some kind, a Qualtrics Survey, or a Facebook page, include that in the Registration Link section. 

Select the program associated with the event. This will allow it to show up in the left sidebar on your program’s homepage. It also aids in sorting. Choose UGS if the event is not necessarily associated with one program. Something like Family Weekend would fit the bill there. 

For an annual event like the Longhorn Research Bazaar, you can include a photo gallery of last year’s event to give the audience a sense of what it will be like. This will not be used for events like deadlines or information sessions. 

Include any social media links you’d like to promote in the appropriate section below the Image Gallery. 

URL Path Settings: Enter your unique URL in this section. If the event is connected with a program, the URL path will be programname/events/event-name (ex: slc/events/calc-tutoring)
If an event reoccurs throughout the semester or happens in the fall and spring, either add a number after the URL (slc/events/calc-tutoring-2) or continue editing and reusing that page - by simply updating the details.

Finally, click the tab called Revision information. This is where you briefly describe what you’ve done to the page. Enter your log message (you can’t save the page without doing so) and change the moderation state to “Needs review” when you are ready to have the communications team review and publish your event. You must also send an email to the address to alert the team that you are ready for review and publication. If you are hosting an event open to all UGS students, tell us you'd like your event to be featured on the UGS homepage. Otherwise, your event will be located on the sidebar of your program's homepage, and on the events homepage

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