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We follow UGS design standards on every piece that represents the school to an audience outside of UGS staff. Using a defined look and feel helps us present a consistent and easily identifiable “face” to the university, prospective students, current students, and parents. This includes using only the approved font combinations, color palette, and appropriate logos.  

Overall Look & Feel

  • Photos that focus on faces and expressions are in nearly every design. Use candid portrait-style closeups and photos that show animated interactions. Confused about digital photos? Here's a breakdown.
  • Solid color blocks in the UGS palette anchor photos and white space
  • Transparent color blocks over larger photos make text legible
  • Large display text sits just above and just below photo edges
  • Backgrounds are either flat white on larger pieces or a photo with bleed edges on smaller pieces
  • Word counts are kept to a minimum

Go to our Gallery of Sample Designs to see some examples of previous collateral. 

Templates and Logos

The University of Texas at Austin adopted a new set of academic logos in 2015. Here is the current logo for the School of Undergraduate Studies:

  • You can download templates for PowerPoint and MicrosoftWord from here.
  • You can download your program/UGS logo from here.
  • You can download a summary of the logo guidelines here. The complete UGS/UT brand guidelines for logo usage can be downloaded here

Use of Compass in Designs

We no longer use the compass in UGS designs.

Color Palette

PLEASE NOTE: We are now using PMS 7584 (Coated) for all burnt orange uses.

All materials that you produce should only use colors from the palette below. Use the colors below, from the Pantone (PMS) Solid Coated palette.

Primary colors should be used as main or accent colors, and secondary colors are neutrals chosen to match well with our primary palette and to fill up “white space” in designs. 


For titles, use Benton Sans. If you would like us to purchase Benton Sans for your program, please contact your communications representative.

For body copy, use Palatino (for longer documents, with a lot of text) or Benton Sans (for shorter documents, with not much text). 


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