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Computer Support Requests:

All UGS workstations are covered by a support contract with ITS. Therefore, if you are experiencing difficulty with your workstation, please contact ITS directly by calling ITS Managed Desktop Support at 512-475-9406. An ITS desktop support representative will answer and attempt to assist you. If the issue cannot be resolved over the phone, the trouble ticket will be routed to our UGS primary support team. At that point, one of the team members assigned to your area will contact you to arrange to work on the issue remotely or to schedule an onsite support visit. You can also request support by emailing them at:

Typical Desktop Support Issues:

  • Computer won't start up or crashes spontaneously
  • Inability to login to computer
  • Applications freeze or crash spontaneously
  • Outlook crashes or won't sync to Exchange server
  • Shared Exchange calendar sync issues*
  • Poor performance (running slow, freezing up, etc)

*Please note: Before contacting ITS about calendar syncing issues, please review the new Office365 help document, Best Practices for Sharing and Delegation.

Additional Desktop Support Issues:

  • Printing problems (Note: HP Plotter is not supported by ITS)
  • Software installations and updates
  • Operating System updates and patches

The standard procedure is to attempt to resolve the issue while you are on the phone. If you prefer, you can simply submit a request via the ITS Email Form. Whatever method you choose for contacting ITS, please be prepared to provide your EID and the UT asset tag number of your computer. The UT asset tag is small silver barcode tag bearing a 6-digit number somewhere on the system. It is usually on the back of the screen or base on iMacs, the top of the tower on PCs, and the bottom of laptops.

IT Coordinator Requests:

For assistance with technology issues that are not related to desktop support, please contact: Kevin M. Dicken

Typical IT Coordinator Issues:

UGS Departmental Accounts: to create new departmental email addresses, edit existing account information, and/or remove existing accounts

UT Mainframe Requests: to create new accounts, add application authorizations (Advisor's Toolkit/EASI), unlock accounts

BACS Access Requests: to add or remove ID badge access to UGS offices for new staff, departing staff, and temporary/seasonal staff

UGS Server Folder Requests: to add new folders, grant access to existing folders, or troubleshoot connectivity

Network Support Requests: to report loss of internet connectivity, unstable network, or to request new cabling

Telephone/Voicemail/Long Distance Requests: to order new service, change existing service, or report issues with phones, voicemail, or long-distance dialing

UGS UTLists/Listservs: to create UGS Lists and/or manage subscriptions and permissions

New Staff Requests: to create new email accounts, mainframe accounts, voicemail accounts, and grant access to UGS systems/services

Departing Staff Requests: to remove accounts and access to UGS systems/services

Ricoh/Konica-Minolta Support Requests: to report problems with a leased Ricoh or Konica-Minolta multifunction device

Hardware & Software Requests: to purchase new or replacement hardware, software, or application licenses

Mobile Device Support Request: to request assistance connecting personal mobile devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops) to University network resources

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