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Welcome to the ATLAS group of the University of Texas at Austin!

The ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland, studies the laws of nature at the smallest distances that we can probe in a laboratory. With this apparatus we hope to make fundamental discoveries about the particles that make up the universe and the forces that bind them together.

The UT-Austin group, lead by Profs. Peter Onyisi and Tim Andeen, focuses on studies of the recently-discovered Higgs boson and the associated questions of electroweak symmetry breaking. We also have a deep involvement in the ATLAS data quality monitoring infrastructure and Liquid Argon electronics.

About our science

What are we hoping to learn? We are trying to find out what the fundamental constituents of the universe are and how they behave. This requires us to look at very small distances; to do so, we need some of the largest machines ever built.

Curious about what the Higgs boson is? Check out our Higgs boson FAQ.

Some general interest links:

  • Talks given by group members
  • Live stream of events recorded by the ATLAS detector (off during the 2013-14 shutdown)
  • Google ATLAS View: explore the detector!
  • LHSee: an Android app to visualize particle collisions and learn more about ATLAS and the LHC
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