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What is a CloudID?

A CloudID is a mechanism that allows the use of EIDs for approved third party services when those services require an email address for login credentials.  CloudIDs are in the form of where "EID" is an individual's UT EID

Why do I need a CloudID?

CloudIDs are necessary for use with certain approved third party services that require the use of an email for login credentials.

How can I use a CloudID?

CloudIDs can be used in conjunction with approved third party services that require the use of email addresses for login credentials.  CloudIDs may not be used for unapproved services.

Can anyone send email to my CloudID?

No.  CloudIDs are restricted for use only by approved third party services.  Unapproved use of CloudIDs will be rejected.

How do I look up someone's CloudID?

he University directory includes EID information for faculty and staff.  EID information about students is not currently shared via the directory.