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This is the home wiki of the Texas Inventionworks. Here, we store up-to-date information on schedules and tool information, procedures, and maintenance. Occasionally, we include space events such as workshops and competitions.

The hours for Texas Inventionworks’ NI Center in EER available here

To access our facilities and other resources you need to be a member of our community.  Membership is available to currently-enrolled CSE students, to members of authorized multi-disciplinary classes or innovation projects and via a limited number of faculty guest memberships. To become a member of our community, register on Safety Spot and once registered, complete the Membership Promise training program. You will then be entered into our system, gain access to several prototyping labs, and become eligible to complete online and on-site training for other labs and machines.

UT professors who wish to use the studio or assign class projects in the space are encouraged to contact us here.

There are a couple of other facilities to be aware of. The Foundry, another fabrication facility, can be found in the Fine Arts Library. Off campus there is the ATX Hackerspace community.

Macros This page includes some basic macros. As you create pages, add news items and comments, you'll see the macros below fill up with all the activity in your space. Macros are your friends: look for the Macro icon in the Rich Text editor options when you're editing a page.

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