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Welcome to Texas Inventionworks!

This is the official Wiki of Texas Inventionworks - a Design and Innovation hub located in the Engineering Education and Resource Center (EER). This page serves as a home base for information about machines, trainings, materials for purchase, troubleshooting guides, and more. Take a look at the info-graphic below to familiarize yourself with what we have to offer.  

To access our facilities and other resources you need to be a member of our community. Membership is free and available to currently-enrolled Cockrell School of Engineering students, to members of authorized multi-disciplinary classes or innovation projects and via a limited number of faculty guest memberships.

Please visit us in the EERC during our Hours of Operations for more details!

Search Texas Inventionworks Here!

For further information see the Hours of Operations page.

What is Texas Inventionworks?

Texas Inventionworks (TIW) puts students in the role of innovators early by providing a welcoming, systematic pathway for them to learn, solve problems, develop products, and ultimately, launch ventures. Our goal is to challenge and empower students to think like designers, engineers and inventors from the beginning of their experience at UT and beyond.  

So... you're an engineering student, maybe you....

  1. Printed a Pikachu in your High School Makerspace?
  2. Have participated in a national robotics competition?
  3. Are a student researcher?
  4. Ready to start/finish your senior design project?
  5. Have literally never touched a screwdriver...

We are here to help you all.

Where Do I Start?

No Idea Where To Start?

Any of our student staff members (tan aprons) are willing and able to give you an unofficial tour to students- just wander into the HQ on the 1st floor of EER and ask somebody at the desk. 

If you want to get your feet wet the best place to start is with a 3D Printer. We offer an in depth 3D printer training (or Fused Deposition Modeling Technology Training to be specific) that covers everything from how 3D printers work to how to make the best quality prints. 

Have an idea?

Come into the garage and ask a staff member about how and where to get started on any of your ideas. We will try to direct you to the proper resources to get started whether that is one of our trainings, an online resource, or another resource. 

Have a Specific Question?

Stop by the garage to ask it! Our staff members have a vast collective knowledge across several disciplines- Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Computational, Biomedical Engineering, Physics, Computational Biology, and Entrepreneurship to name a few. Chances are, if you don't know how to approach something, we definitely know somebody who does. 

Not eligible for membership? There are a couple of other facilities to be aware of. The Foundry, another fabrication facility, can be found in the Fine Arts Library. Off campus there is the ATX Hackerspace community.

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