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Sustainability Table of Contents
Contact Info


Stephanie Perrone

Vice Chair

Bonnie Stewart

Mailing List 


This committee seeks out ways to make our campus more environmentally friendly through efficient and effective use of resources.

Goals/progress for this term

  1. Sustainability map- Developing a sustainability map for constituents, highlighting recycling, green buildings, water cisterns, xeriscaping, and other sustainable features on campus
  2. Incentives/Rebates- Developing a project scope and calculations for rebates for higher efficient lab and office equipment on campus
  3. Literacy program-continue work started by last years committee
  4. Recycling fact sheet/communication- Work with Zero Waste Coordinator on a recycling fact sheet to distribute and post for constituents
  5. Fountain in front of student union- Sustainability UTSC representatives have discovered this fountain is no longer able to operate.  Will work with Project Management and Construction Services and Landscape for alternative uses.


2014-2015 Term Proposal

Work completed on goals above: (note- bolded items are proposed as items for committee to continue investigating for the remainder of the term)


  1. Sustainability map- Staff discovered that UT students were awarded a Green Fee for this project.  We had the students present at our monthly meeting and agreed afterwards that we would advise them on staff items to be added to their virtual map.  The plan is once this is public- we will communicate the link to all the districts as a resource. (COMPLETED)
  2. Incentives/Rebates- Team members are actively working on this item and have divided the rebate program into a piece of lab equipment and one office equipment. Survey for staff interest in participation of rebate program will be implemented as well (TERM PROPOSAL-1)
  3. Literacy program-continue work started by last year’s committee (CONTINUING SUPPORT)
  4. Recycling fact sheet/communication- Committee members met with Zero Waste Coordinator and was told she is not ready to fully communicate to all staff about recycling at this time until she has developed clear communications herself.  We agreed to support her program and help with communications to UT staff when the time is ready. (COMPLETED)
  5. Fountain in front of student union- Found out the fountain is not operational and that there are two suggested paths forward.  One involves the UT-SOA design and the other is a proposal from one of the committee members.  Next step is to discuss with Pat Clubb the intention of this landmark. (TERM PROPOSAL- 2)


  1. Staff council assisted in the development and scope for the Sustainability Staff Literacy module.  This is currently being developed by the Office of Sustainability and the Energy and Water Conservation Program. Current staff council will advise these departments throughout the development.



UT Austin- Office of Sustainability:

Energy and Water Conservation Program:



Edmonon, Christina
Aguilar, Ana
Nedroscik, Jenny
Thomas, Terry
Hernandez, Robert
Farahnak, Dustin
Garcia, Melissa
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