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Important Considerations  

  • Unlike SmartVoice, after After you have added sub-mailboxes and recorded the primary mailbox's greeting with the callers' menu options, your primary mailbox will still be capable of taking messages (i.e., following the greeting, it will "go beep").  You may want to use the primary mailbox to take general messages; or you may wish to discourage callers from leaving messages in the primary mailbox by asking them not to, or by repeating the menu options. 
  • Like SmartVoice, UTVM messages left in sub-mailboxes will not light the message-waiting indicator light on your phone.  For this reason, many subscribers opt to use email notification (see Forwarding UTVM to Email). 
  • If you have After adding sub-mailboxes, the transfer-out feature ("press 1 to transfer…") will not work in the primary mailbox–emailbox – even if you delete mailbox 1–but mailbox 1 – but  will work in any of the sub-mailboxes.