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  • Is this a new mailbox?  If this is the first use of a brand-new mailbox, you’ll be guided through several steps.  The first step is to change your PIN (this step is required); the others are to record your name and your greeting (optional but recommended) so you may want to have your greeting script ready beforehand.
  • Is this a previously used mailbox with reset PIN?  If you are taking over a mailbox from a previous user, with the PIN reset, you'll hear that your PIN has expired, but will then be prompted to enter a new one.  To change the greeting, the key-press sequence is 9-1-6-1 (see the Telephone Menu Diagram for more info).

Logging in from your campus phone:

  • Dial #71.  UTVM will automatically find your mailbox.  (NOTE:  To log in to a mailbox associated with a different phone, press the star key to be prompted for a mailbox number.)
  • Enter your PIN (the default PIN is 1111) and press the pound key.