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Check your Registration Information Sheet for access times. If you have a registration bar and are not sure how to clear it, contact the Graduate Coordinator. Visit the Registrar's site to view the course schedule and register. It is each student's responsibility to register and confirm registration by the appropriate deadline each semester. Find deadlines on the Registrar's website

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Once you register and complete all waivers, check your tuition bill. You will likely still have a balance if your advisor (GRA), the department (TAs) or the Graduate School or Cockrell School (Fellows) have not processed tuition payments yet.

If your balance is zero, you must confirm registration to secure your courses, otherwise, your registration will be canceled. If you still have a balance to resolve, you must return to your tuition bill by the appropriate deadline to confirm registration. If your registration is canceled, you will be responsible to pay a late registration fee to re-register. 

Changing Registration

Students may add/drop online through the 4th class day of each semester.


The Graduate School allows students who enters candidacy mid-semester to change registration from research problems to dissertation hours. Contact the Graduate Coordinator to learn about the deadline.

Common Questions


Q: Why do I have a balance on my tuition bill? 

A: You may not have completed a non-resident tuition waiver (TA or GRA), or the waiver hasn't been placed for you yet (fellows). GRAs and TAs can complete the waiver here.

A: If you are an international student, you may not have completed your insurance waiver. Do so here

A: Your tuition hasn't been paid by your advisor, the department, or your fellowship source. See the next question. 


Q: When will my tuition bill be paid? 

A: If you are a GRA, your resident tuition will be paid by your advisor's research administrator. Some payments may not be processed until the week before the tuition bill deadline. Contact your research administrator with questions. 

A: If you are a TA, your resident tuition will be paid by a tuition reduction benefit from the Graduate School. Some payments may not be processed until the week before the tuition bill deadline. Contact the Graduate Coordinator with questions. 

A: If you are a fellow, your resident tuition may be paid by your fellowship source. The Graduate School and Cockrell School process payments for students with full fellowships. If you have an external fellowship, you may or may not be responsible for receiving funds and paying your own tuition bill. Contact the Graduate Coordinator with questions. 

Note: Tuition payments are frequently processed just days before the deadline. Please be mindful of this and kind to staff. We are all working very diligently to ensure your tuition bill is paid on time!