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Comment: Clarified Ai Instructions



The pre-configured template file has labeled cut order layers and a no-print boundary representing the space of the laser cutter bed.  It is located on the desktop and is attached below. 

AutoCAD Template - Epilog 

Material Test for AutoCAD - Epilog


  1. Prepare your line work linework at full-scale, then scale down to your desired scale-cut size.
  2. Separate your line work in to linework into distinct layers according to the desired power levels and order of cuts. In the Layers tab, assign each of these new layers their own unique color from this list of options:
    • Black
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Cyan
    • Blue
    • Magenta
  3. Ensure all geometries are set to "By Layer" in the color, linetypeline type, line weight, and transparency drop-down menus. 
  4. Run the overkill command to ensure there are no overlapping lines (to prevent the laser cutter from cutting over lines twice or cutting slower)

You can now follow the steps from the How to Use the Laser Cutter page.



Material Test for Ai - Epilog


  • All vector lines and shapes (even if filled) must have a line weight of  0.001 in order to be recognized by the laser cutter. The lines you intend to engrave can be either 1.0 or 0.1.         
         Note: This does make the lines very difficult to see, so this is usually done as the last step before cutting.


  • Line and fill colors must be assigned using RGB values and must conform to the following, or else they will not be recognized. Again, this is to set the order and type (cut or etch) of line:

Color Name




  • When you first open the file, go to File>Document Color Mode>RGB. You can create swatches of the RGB colors above. 

Image Modified 

  • When defining the settings, leave the Media: Size as "Defined by Driver."
  • When your file is ready to cut,
  • go to File>Print. To select cut/etch settings click the "Setup..." button (bottom left corner of the dialog box).

Image Modified