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In order to become trained and certified to use the laser cutter, you must:

  1. Be added to the UTSOA technology lab Canvas courseEmail the Tech Desk to request to be added to the UTSOA technology lab Canvas course
  2. Review all of the material in the "Laser Cutter Training" module, and complete the "Review" practice quizzes at the end of each section
    • You have as many chances as you'd like to attempt these practice quizzes – use them to your advantage as the final quiz pulls questions from the practice ones.quizzes
  3. Score a 100% on the "Laser Cutter Certification Quiz"
    • You only have 3 three attempts to receive a 100%. Take your time and read each question carefully. Incorrect answers will point you in the direction of material you still need to review.
    • If you require more than 3 three attempts, email the Tech Desk to request an additional attempt.
  4. Only after scoring a 100% (13/13) on the quiz, schedule a time for in-person training with a member of the Tech Desk staff through Bookings.
    • Once certified, you will be added to the registry of certified users for the laser cutters

CNC Router Training and Certification

In addition to the Build Lab's safety training, operators must first complete CNC Router training and certification. Email John Vehkothe Tech Desk for scheduling of the in-person training scheduling. A certified operator who also has a paid subscription must be present during milling operations unless the file has been approved to run unattended or overnight. Please plan well in advance as it can take time to coordinate schedules and complete the hands-on training.