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  1. Select 'Manage' from the right table column to view and update the type.
  2. View/manage additional settings at the bottom of the page:
    • User Authorizations (Hosts/Staff)- add users per role by UTEID.
      • Hosts can create and update their own events. At least one host is required per event type.
      • Staff can do everything but create event types. Staff entries are not required.
      • A user with a staff entry will also need a host entry to appear on the host list for the event type.
    • Subtypes - add subcategories for event types (optional)
      • The 'General' subtype is created by default when the event type is created. This name and details can be overwritten as needed.
    • Intake questions per subtype (optional) - attendees will be prompted to complete these before enrolling.
      • Select 'Create
    • Locations
    • Notifications
    • Qualfications
      • ' to go to the intake management page.
      • Complete the required fields 'Title' and 'Button Text' for the form.
      • Add question entries below.
    • Locations - physical spaces for on site events.
    • Notifications - emails and texts can be set to go out per action.
      • All notifications are initially inactive and must be activcated by the admin.
      • Select 'view/edit' to go to the notification management page (opens a new window).
      • Update Subject and message content as needed.
      • Select text, calendar invite, and cc options.
    • Qualfications- enrollee requirements per event type 

Super user/Staff/ Host: Create and manage events