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ssh is an executable program that runs on your local computer and allows you to connect securely to a remote computer. We're going to use ssh to access the stampede2 lonestar6 compute cluster at TACC, where the remote host name is

  • On Macs or Linux, you run ssh from a Terminal window


  • .
  • On Windows 10 or later, ssh is available in Command Prompt or PowerShell.
    • If your Windows does not have ssh, use PuTTY instead.
  • If you have the Windows subsystem for Linux installed, double-click on the icon for the Linux distribution you installed (e.g. Ubuntu).

In your local Terminal window:

Code Block
titleSSH to access lonestar5 at TACC
ssh <your_TACC_userID>@stampede2userID>
  • Answer yes to the SSH security question prompt
  • Enter the password associated with your TACC account
  • Wait for your 2-factor authentication code to arrive via SMS or app, then type it in


  • Double-click the Putty icon
  • In the PuTTY Configuration window
    • make sure the Connection type is SSH
    • enter for Host Name
      • Optional: to save this configuration for further use:
        • Enter stampede2 into the Saved Sessions text box, then click Save
        • Next time select the stampede2 from the Saved Sessions list and click Load.
    • click Open button
    • answer Yes to the SSH security question
  • In the PuTTY terminal
    • enter your TACC user id after the "login as:" prompt, then Enter
    • enter the password associated with your TACC account
    • provide your 2-factor authentication code