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Most telepresence solutions will allow you to broadcast video via a camera connected to your computer. 


For MacBooks Many Mac computers and iMacs , these cameras are have a built-in to the computer. When camera located near the top edge of the screen. When using an application that has access to your camera, you may be prompted to provide consent for the application to use the camera. You can find some instructions on using the privacy controls for your camera in MacOS here.


Most Windows laptops will come with have a built-in camera. Desktop computers will require an external camera to be purchased in order to record or broadcast video. Your webcam will likely work automatically when it is plugged into your computer.

Windows 10 provides these additional privacy protections. If you find yourself issues with issues broadcasting or recording video, please verify your privacy settings to confirm that applications are allowed to access your camera. You can find instructions for doing so here. Windows 10 provides these additional privacy protections for your benefit. 

Setting Up Your Microphone


  1. If the microphone is not built-in to your computer, verify that it is plugged in and connected to your computer.
  2. Follow these instructions from Microsoft to test your microphone.

Windows 10 offers some additional privacy protections. If you experience issues where you're unable to broadcast sound, please use the information found here to check that your privacy settings are not denying access to your microphone.or are not able to share audio, verify privacy settings are set to allow access to your microphone.