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Prior approval must be obtained before any purchases are made. Supervisors are responsible for all purchases made by those they supervise. 

Purchase order process - Effective November 1, 2015

You are responsible for asking the UGS Business Affairs office for every purchase that requires a purchase order. Reorders require separate purchase orders. All purchase orders must be final approved *before* your order is placed with the vendor. 
Prior approval must be obtained before any purchases are made. Supervisors are responsible for all purchases made by those they supervise. 


You can search for vendors when going out for bids.


In addition to following the Purchasing Office's ProCard guidelines, you must submit a UGS Accounting and Purchasing Processing Form with the ProCard information to the UGS Business Affairs office no later than three business days after receipt of goods. Please attach the original itemized receipts. 

In order to safeguard your card, the university requires the use of a ProCard log. An original of this log should be turned into the UGS Business Affairs office at the beginning of every month showing the previous month's ProCard transactions.

ProCard Purchases Exceeding $500

Please contact the UGS Business Affairs Office if you plan to make a ProCard purchase that exceeds $500 to make sure the vendor is in good tax standing with the state of Texas. The results of the inquiry should be documented on your ProCard log.

Disputing a Transaction

A cardholder may dispute a charge that is not recognized or that appears to be incorrect. The cardholder should first make a good-faith effort to settle a claim or dispute for purchases directly with the vendor. If an agreement cannot be reached with the vendor, contact Citibank at 1-800-248-4553.

Disputes must be sent to Citibank within 45 days of the billing close date. The closing date for the previous billing cycle is always on the 3rd of the next month.

Disallowed Purchases

You are not allowed to purchase some items using a ProCard, including office supplies, gasoline, food, flowers, personal items, consulting services, entertainment, and certain forms of printing and advertising.Please visit the Purchasing website for the full list of items that are disallowed using a ProCard.

Sales Tax

When purchasing from Texas vendors, the cardholder should present the vendor with the Sales Tax Exemption form before making your purchase. We cannot reimburse or buy goods with Texas State Sales tax.Services, equipment rental, or promotional items should be requested via purchase orders. For orders exceeding $15,000, contact the business office for guidance.

  • To initiate a PO, provide a quote for the order. If it is a printing order, approval from the communication office and trademark and licensing is required. 
  • Once approved, emails will be sent to the vendor, requestor, and requestor's supervisor confirming the order and advising vendors how to invoice the order once completed and delivered
  • When items are received, the requestor sends a receipt with stamps and signature to the UGS business office
  • Invoices are paid via VP1