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University Housing and Dining
Gilberto Acosta, 20 years
Eva Barba, 45 years (retired)
Marc Chandler, 20 years
Jennifer Cole, 15 years
Yolanda Esquivel, 25 years
Michael Farrell, 25 years
George “Tony” Fuquay, 15 years (retired)
Melanie Grice, 10 years
Erica Guerra, 20 years
Treina Jackson, 10 years
Gregory Jenkins, 15 years
Charles Kerrigan, 10 years
Florentino Lopez-Rivera, 10 years
Rudy Martinez, 40 years
Cesar Ramirez, 20 years
Alexander Rapp, 15 years
Oralia Rodriguez, 30 years
David Rodriguez, 15 years
Karina Rodriguez, 15 years
Sehila Rodriguez-Suarez, 10 years
Chris Starche, 10 years
Sarah Webb, 10 years
Lela Williams, 25 years
Lindsay Wilson, 10 years
Robert Yenelavage, Jr., 30 years (retired)
Jonathan Yeo, 20 years
Jessica Yu, 15 years
Gabino Zarate, Jr., 20 years

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“The team is a close-knit family that I miss very much now that I’m retired. I would do anything for them, and they would do anything for me. I enjoyed seeing the different halls, meeting students from all over the world and being able to help them out.” -Eva Barba, 45 years (retired)

University Unions
Erick Conde, 10 years
Ural Dewitty, 15 years
Dwayne Galimore, 25 years
Saray Lago, 15 years
Steve Monroe, 20 years
Wade Raquet, 10 years
Kevin Ray, 20 years
Sylvia Torres, 10 years