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titleSet up directory for working with FASTQs
# Create a $SCRATCH area to work on data for this course,
# with a sub-direct[1orydirectory for pre-processing raw fastq files
mkdir -p $SCRATCH/core_ngs/fastq_prep

# Make a symbolic links to the original yeast data:
cd $SCRATCH/core_ngs/fastq_prep
ln -s -f $CORENGS/yeast_stuff/
ln -s -f $CORENGS/yeast_stuff/
# or
ln -s -f ~/CoreNGS/yeast_stuff/
ln -s -f /work~/CoreNGS/yeast_stuff/

# or
ln -s -f /work2/projects/BioITeam/projects/courses/Core_NGS_Tools/yeast_stuff/
ln -s -f /workwork2/projects/BioITeam/projects/courses/Core_NGS_Tools/yeast_stuff/