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UT students enroll (aka register) in courses classes during specific designated Registration periods before each semester. Before Registration however, is the Advising period. This is when students will work with their program advisor to determine what classes to take for an upcoming semester.

How does it work?

During the an advising period each semester, EDP students you will submit a course Advising Form to their program advisor (typically your program's Area Chair ) for review. The Advising Form will list all the courses you plan to take for the upcoming semester.

The program advisor Your Area Chair will review the your form, and either approve or request changes - you. You'll get an email stating which. If whether your form was approved or denied - if any changes are needed, you can submit a new form. 


To determine what to take for an upcoming semester, you should will need to review your Program of Work and  and the UT Course Schedule, and we recommend you check in with your faculty mentor or program advisor about your plans as well. Remember to update your Program of Work before advising! 


Registration Access Times

Be sure to check Check your registration access times in your Registration Info Sheet (RIS) well in advance of registration, and register early at the very first opportunity as some classes may fill quickly. 


You will register each semester through UT's online Registration SystemRegister early! Courses Classes fill quickly, and having a course class on your Advising Form does not guarantee a seat spot in the courseclass

Out-of-Department Courses: you may need to should contact that department for permission to add their class. Be sure to list any planned out-of-department classes on your Advising Form as well

Schedule Changes: if you wish to change the schedule on your Advising Form, send an updated a new Advising Form to your Area Chair for review and approval. Only enroll in courses or add yourself to waitlists for courses that are present on . You should not enroll in classes that missing from your Advising Form. 

Note: Check your registration carefully! Graduate students are expected to confirm they are in the correct classes. Be sure to verify in your Class Listing online, and with the instructor on the first day of class, that you are registered for the correct course. Some courses have the same course numbers but different topics, slightly different names, etc.