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OV1s are processed twice a month to pay hourly employees. They follow the payroll schedule for semi-monthly payments.


Payroll is for university faculty and staff only. For information about paying for professional services (such as musicians, flier distribution, photographers), please see the accounting page. Please contact the Business Affairs office with further questions.

Setting up Direct Deposit

Fill out your bank’s routing information onlineon Workday.


Information on how to update your Payment Elections can be found here.


To change your withholding, fill out the W-4 form online or on paper.


OV7s are used to pay UT employees for services outside the normal course of their job. OV7 payments follow the schedule of semi-monthly payroll payments.log into Workday. Click the "Pay" banner on your homepage. Click "Withholding Elections" on the right side bar. Make any necessary changes and submit.