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How to Request a Dataset From UGS WebDev


In the email please provide the following information:

  • Describe your project: briefly explain what this data set will be used for and what questions you hope to be able to answer with it. Please describe if this is a new request for you, or if you had been able to get this data previously
  • Define the request: Please supply use with as much of the following information as possible
    • Data Scope: describe the limits of the search, like which cohorts or semesters you are looking for data from
    • Data Source: explain which data source, or sources, you need data from, i.e. Cognos or a UGS web app. We understand you might not know exactly which sources you will needs, but your best guess or description would be helpful.
    • Data Fields: give a complete list of which data fields/columns you would like in the output fields
  • Timeline: provide the proposed deadline for the data request. Request deadlines should be at least two weeks prior to when you will need the raw data. Also indicate if you anticipate this being a one-off request, or if this data set will be recurring. If recurring, describe the frequency of when reports will need to be run, i.e. monthly, semesterly, yearly, etc.
  • Contact person: indicate who will be the primary point of contact for this request. All questions and instructions should go through this contact.


Datasets will be sent to you either via a shared Box folder or through the UTDirect Secure Message System.

Sample Request Email
Subject: Data Request - Kadigan Program 4-Year Grad Rates



Scope: Students who graduated in spring 2015 and spring 2014, both four and five year graduation. So we will need degree information for 20512, 20142 and enrollment/course data for students whose first semesters were 20109 and 20119.

Source: We would need registrar/cognos data for students who have taken a UGS 007 course, both their course and graduation records.


First-Semester Enrolled
UGS 007 Unique
UGS 007 Grade
Graduation CCYYS
Degree School


To request a dataset from either a UGS datasource or a UT datasource that UGS has access to, please complete the form found at: