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  • Message expiry is not set on individual messages until they are read.  If you forward your voice messages to email, your mailbox will eventually reach full capacity and stop taking messages.  Log in to UTVM periodically (perhaps monthly or weekly depending on your usage; disk quota is about 80 minutes of messages) and delete old messages.  ITS is working with the vendor to resolve the problem and will update UTVM subscribers when a solution is in place.
  • Truncated Messages:  Occasionally, a message sounds as though it is truncated, or cut off in mid-sentence.  The message may, however, play in full when played again later.  This can occur during telephone or web browser logins.  The vendor is investigating.

Telephone User Interface (TUI)

  • Reply-to-Live feature:  If you select this feature at the end of a message, your call will be placed to the sender, but you will not hear their phone ringing (ring-back tone); a feature enhancement has been requested from the vendor.
  • The Busy greeting does not play; callers hear the No Answer greeting instead.  This feature is not supported by the vendor until further notice.
  • When both forward-busy and forward-no-answer are active, taking one or the other off (using service codes *83 or *85) does not stop forwarding to voice mail as intended.  When both are removed, the forwarding stops as expected.  I.e., to remove one of the features, you have to remove both, then re-add the one you want to keep.


  • RESOLVED:  When forwarding a message by phone, after adding a recipient, you hear the option to press * to remove the recipient, but then hear, "Invalid selection."  The vendor is investigating.  3/3/15: Vendor expanded the response time to 2.5 seconds after hearing the "press star" prompt.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)