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  • Reply-to-Live feature:  If you select this feature at the end of a message, your call will be placed to the sender, but you will not hear their phone ringing (ring-back tone); a feature enhancement has been requested from the vendor.
  • The Busy greeting does not play; callers hear the No Answer greeting instead.  This feature is not supported by the vendor until further notice.
  • When both forward-busy and forward-no-answer are active, taking one or the other off (using service codes *83 or *85) does not stop forwarding to voice mail as intended.  When both are removed, the forwarding stops as expected.  I.e., to remove one of the features, you have to remove both, then re-add the one you want to keep.
  • Express Messaging Issue:  Unlike SmartVoice, transfers to the UTVM Express Messaging do not complete; callers transferred to UTVM mailboxes in this way are either dropped or are asked for a PIN.  ITS has submitted a Feature Development Request to add an Express Messaging feature that will work with call-transfer.